Kim Pottruff "Audience Of One" Theatre, Guelph, ON on adaptation of Dickens Christmas Carol:

“”A Christian Carol” is going great!! Excellent comments on what a well written show it is, many new patrons¬†….. you and the DramaShare team are truly a blessing!! Our best sellers have both been penned by you :)”¬†

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6 Aug

Incredible Christian Pride Required

Recently a dear friend and DramaShare contributor was going through a downtime, a time of which most in ministry can relate. This is the email I sent to that person, I thought this might possibly hit a chord with others as well. As Christians its true that what we do is for the Lord, that’s…

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13 Aug

Exploring Jesus’ Grandmother

I just finished writing and publishing a script based on the “mother of Mary” and it is getting attention. This script came about when a member sent me a custom script writing request for “the mother of Mary” and it really got my interest, especially since the mother of Mary is never mentioned in the…

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7 Jul

Mountain Climbing Assistance

Earlier on this blog I talked about a lady named Trish who was faced with instant news that her husband Dave had inoperable cancer, he died within a few days. Trish’s lament was one which most of us have likely felt at one time or another: “The Bible says if we have faith the size…

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