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16 Aug

If’n I’da knowed The Big Guy wuz gonna visit

Back “in the day” what changes would John Alexander have made in his life if he knew God was going to make an undeserved special project of him, and, “the Big Guy Upstairs” was not going to ask permission to take over John’s life? John, the apparent “target” in God’s planning for His “John’s Jonah…

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25 Jun

Judy’s Views from Her RV Window – My Ramblings

With my first cup of coffee in hand I can watch the residents of the RV park walking by. We usually don’t know their names or their jobs, (if they have an outside careers), so my imagination takes over and I “create” lives for them! I’m not presuming to do my precious God’s job, just…

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9 Jun

Precious Memories

Maybe I’m feeling nostalgic today or just plain grateful for the chance to share. The word “picnic” came up from a text from our dear favorite Pastor a few days ago. He wrote about sharing a simple lunch with his dear wife, (who, by the way, is a nurse working on the front lines, fighting…

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