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12 Feb

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The Importance Of Being Specific

Doncha love those days when you learn something new?

I mean even at my way old age I find there are things I learn . .  not often . . but when it happens it’s  . . . profoundly impacting.

All us drama types get bent outta shape dealing with the fact that drama isn’t felt to be appropriate in “traditional” services, isn’t always acceptable even in “blended” services,  and is usually restricted to “contemporary” services.

This has kinda always bugged me with the pastor-type folks and with the congregations they serve. Why do pastors feel that drama doesn’t “fit” in a traditional service.

Now as I understand it, “traditional” means likely no drums, no rockabilly music, stuff like that. And fact is I hardly ever write drums  into a script, (and haven’t written rockabilly music into a script in like, wow,  . . never actually), so in my mind DramaShare scripts should pass the test is my guess.

Not so much . .  I keep hearing no drama in a traditional service. . . .  Well, up until today anyhow.

See back a few days ago I wrote a sermon starter series for Lenten services for a church in Toledo, . . . very interesting themes, turned out pretty good according to the drama director in the Toledo church. When the director took the scripts to her pastor she was surprised, (in a good way), with the reaction, and she reports:

I wanted to let you know that not only did my Lead Pastor like the series…he thought they linked so well to his sermons that he proposed adding the dramas at all 3 of our services each week for Lent. This is a big deal since drama is generally only part of our contemporary worship service and sometimes a part of our blended…but generally left out of the weekly traditional service.

So what I learn from that is . .  the key it seems is not in excluding drums and rockabilly music but rather that the scripts link to the sermon.

My point is . . . why do we, (churches and drama providers), put up with dramas which don’t really match up with the sermon?

If a script doesn’t seem to “fit” with a sermon, call me, I will write one that does. And God will try be glorified!


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