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3C Cross Cultural Creativity Manual

A thorough, step-by-step guideline to organizing and creating a drama team for missions or outreach purposes . . . and to teach these skills to the mission field church. Includes a 12 month DramaShare membership, giving you full, and totally free, access and use of all 2,000+ DramaShare scripts, including many non-verbal scripts. 

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Effective assistance assists in overcoming language and cultural barriers through non-verbal drama. Beginning with the "why" of creating such a ministry, right through the personnel selection process, training in drama ministry and cultural sensitivity, and then . . . passing these ministry gifts on to the people in the mission field or inner city "indigenous church".

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This 3C "Cross-Cultural Creativity" Program is all about dramatic arts ministry, and ministering to those who have a unique cultural identity, ranging from mission field to inner-city and prison groups. The same intense preparation needs to be done for outreach evangelism in our own home town as when we travel to a far-off land.

Missions In A New Visual Reality Era
Dramatic arts ministry on the mission field offers a real opportunity to present the message in a motivating manner. But "preaching good" through dramatic arts ministry is a challenge; to be done well requires more than simply a 20 minute video showing a "skit", it requires training. Through this 3C Program we are attempting to provide this training, training which will allow amateurs to "preach good".

What's Included?

  1. A one year DramaShare membership which gives free access to all 2,000+ DramaShare scripts, including many non-verbal scripts written specifically for this program
  2. A full 5 day VBS program based on materials and skills available in the mission and outreach fields
  3. The 3C Manual with over 200 pages of instruction and guidance in creating a culturally-aware, outreach oriented ministry:
    • Is Mime The Universal Language? by Julisa Rowe
    • Introduction
    • The 21st Century Mission Field
    • Problems in Traditional M/O Methods
    • The 3C Partner Program
    • What This Manual Is and Is Not
    • The Goal of Missions/ Outreach
    • Short-Term Efforts and Long-Term Effects
    • Code of Best practice For Short-Term Ministry
    • 10 Step Guide to Getting Started in M/O
    • Understanding M/O Programs
    • Location Guidelines
    • Objectives

    • General Objectives
    • Distribution of Duties & Responsibilities
    • Organizational Structure of the Group
    • Sample Job Descriptions
    • Individual Participant Objectives

    • The People
    • Selecting Leaders & Participants
    • Recruiting Personnel
    • On Recruiting An Actor
    • Leaders & Directors
    • Second Career Missionaries
    • Recruiting: Mobilization of Students
    • Sample Mission Application Forms
    • Using Our Gifts
    • Harmony in the Team

    • Cultural Issues
    • Evangelism in Action
    • A Case for the City Mission
    • Finding Country Specific Information on the Net
    • The Indigenous Church
    • Cultural Diversity & Paternalism
    • Relationship Between the Gospel and Culture
    • Cross- Culture 101
    • Sensitivity Weekends
    • Building Trust & Teamwork Games
    • Language Shock, Culture Shock and How to Cope
    • "Be Careful Little Hands What You Do�

    • Ministry Options
    • Choosing Dramatic Methods for M/O
    • What is Acceptable Drama?
    • Various Forms of Drama Ministry
    • Children in M/O Drama
    • VBS & Puppetry
    • Christian Clowning
    • Park Drama
    • Readers Theatre
    • Christian Illusion
    • Christian Storytelling
    • Human Video

    • Training
    • On Being An Actor
    • Characterization
    • Blocking
    • Role Evaluation
    • Memorization
    • Building Blocks
    • Voice & Diction
    • Rehearsals

    • Theatre Warm-up Games
    • 30 Weeks of Rehearsals

    • Mime Ministry
    • Acting Without Words - Information and Exercises

    • Tim & Tanya Chartier's "Leaning on Thin Air" Mime Tutorial

    • VBS Program "The SS Zark, God's Wonderful Creatures"

    • Creating Drama Ministers in the Field
    • What to Teach in the Indigenous Church

    • Sources for Christian Drama

    • Director's Diary - Characterization forms for photocopying

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If you have any questions please give us a call, we are here 24/7 and the phone call is toll-free when you call 1-877-DO-DRAMA (363-7262)

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