Great Throne Room

  • Cast Number: 10
  • Run-time: 5 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Mark

Theme:            A group of people are waiting in the Great Throne Room to find out if their name is in The Book Of Life. Some are rewarded, others are left out.
This is the final scene of the larger “Faith And Failure” drama on the DramaShare site.
Individual scenes are also available on the DramaShare site as standalone dramas:
Miracle Time (first scene)
Jesus Son Of God On Trial (second scene)


Bible Reference:          Mark


Cast:               (10)
Mary Magdalene
Woman with issue of blood
Joseph’s crippled brother
extras as available


Set:                  Great Throne Room, can be as elaborate or plain as desired


Sound:             as available


Costumes:       likely traditional


Time:              5


Sample of script:


Jesus comes on stage, takes the bench, opens the Book of Life

As each person is called they come and bow at Jesus’ feet


Jesus:  Welcome, all of you!
I now read to you from the Book of Life.
Herein are the names of those who have been raptured with me and brought here to the Great White Throne Judgment.
To those who have been my witnesses on earth I welcome you here.
As I call your name come forth to partake in your reward.
Simon, you who were once known as the Leper, come forth, your joy awaits.
To the woman who once knew sorrow from issue of blood, now come, enjoy your great reward!
To Joseph and his brother who was once unable to walk or stand . . dance forward to your well deserved home!
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