A Christian Carol For Kids

Cast Number: 19

Run-time:30 min.

Bible Reference: n/a

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This drama was adapted from the original DramaShare drama, “A Christian Carol”
Adaptation by Michelle Aultman, Melene Wilsey and Addie Maxwell of the Saginaw Bay, Michigan District of the United Methodist Church.
This drama is primarily a children’s/youth Christmas program, with a children’s live nativity which is shared when Ebenezer Scrooge visits his Christmas future.  For Scrooge this scene depicts the fact that he has not accepted Jesus as his Lord and Savior, therefore for him it is “Christmas future”.
However, this play is best supported by adult and youth parts, as well.  Although the main character is Ebenezer Scrooge, the most crucial character is the Narrator, who serves to tie the entire script together.  Rather than ghosts, angels are used, as messengers from God. Even though this play does offer humor, the script has a very distinct Christian message, ending with Scrooge accepting the Lord.


Cast:        19+ (more could be added as available/desired). Some actors could handle dual roles

Children speaking roles
Belinda (could use offstage voice)
Tiny Tim (could use offstage voice)

Children non-speaking roles (could be more as available/desired)
Young Scrooge

Adult speaking roles (could be played by youth)
Ebenezer Scrooge
Bob Cratchit
Mrs. Cratchit

Youth or adult speaking roles
Charity Member1
Charity Member2

Youth or adult speaking roles (could be offstage voices)

Extra children for Live Nativity scene: shepherds, wise men, animals, extra angels


Set:          Stage is set up with 2 set locations, one for the bank, the other for Scrooge’s bed, plus the area where narrator performs. (You may choose to have narrator wander about the set, almost as a spectator)
Set Location1 at stage right is the bank scene, where backdrop, tables and chairs indicate Bank of Topeka.  Have papers and pens on the desk/tables
Set Location2 at stage left for Scrooge’s bed where angels visit
All other business, (including live nativity), takes place in the area between the two set locations.


Lighting:     a spotlight would be useful


Sound:      You may choose to incorporate the music which was used in the original adaptation or more likely select your own music. NOTE DramaShare can not supply this music.
Lapel mics are useful for Scrooge, Bob Cratchit, Marley and the angels. Narrator could stand behind a podium, using its microphone, or could use a lapel mic. Regular amplification is adequate for the others.


Costumes:     can be as simple or elaborate as desired, including those in the Live Nativity scene Traditional angel costumes can be used.
Business attire for Scrooge, Bob Cratchit and Charity Members.  Fred can be dressed in casual clothing.  Mrs. Cratchit a dress or pants.
Man 1, Man 2 and Man 3 are offstage, however, if you prefer to have the 3 men onstage they would be dressed in jeans to look like farmers.


Props:       There will be few simple props such as small table and chair as a desk for Young Scrooge, 2 glasses for the eggnog toast, RIP (Rest In Peace) tombstone


Special Instructions:   In the original adaptation there are 5 worship arts segments included, which are noted in the play.  These are liturgical dance, fiber-optic/flashlight dance, rainbow bells, choral song and streamer dance, (these are up to the director and are not supplied with this script).  If using all 5 worship art segments, allow 15 minutes for all segments.
Lines for some of the characters, (such as angels), could be pasted in scrolls which they hold, thus assisting in memorization.
An additional 15 minutes or more could be added using your worship ministries, such as choir and/or band, congregational hymn sings & a Christmas reflection.


Time:        30 minutes for the drama alone, additional time if additional segments are included


Sample of script:


Narrator comes on stage


Narrator:      Most folks in Topeka, Kansas thought Ebenezer Scrooge was a mean and nasty,       inhospitable tyrant.
Scrooge owned the National Bank of Topeka and didn’t care none for his customers. He’d been after the thing that he really cared about…lining his greedy pockets!
Folks around here shared few thoughts unanimously, only one thing they all held firm:  no one would ever lay claim to Scrooge as a fount of generosity.  Whenever there was someone in need, there’d be Ebenezer, right in the middle, foreclosing on the fella’s farm, like it or not!
Ebenezer Scrooge was a sad, miserable example of a man, one that didn’t care what folks thought of him! Sometimes they wondered, maybe it’s the way that cantankerous old sidewinder wanted it all to be!


 Bob Cratchit and Scrooge enter the bank and sit down at their desks to begin working.


Narrator:      Old Scrooge, he kept his office door wide open, but don’t go get the notion it was to have people think old’ Ebenezer was approachable.  Oh no, his aim was to keep his eye on his clerk, Bob Cratchit.  After all, Scrooge trusted no one.


Nephew Fred enters the bank with his coat and hat on.


Fred:         Merry Christmas, uncle! God bless you!


Scrooge:       Bah! Humbug!


Fred:         Christmas humbug, uncle? You don't mean that, I’m sure.


Scrooge:       What d’ya expect?  All’s I hear is “Merry Christmas”, or “Season’s Greetings” or some tom-foolery like that!  Bah, humbug, that’s all I can say!  Tell me will ya, what's Christmas time mean? Time for buying stuff you don’t need with money you don’t have, that’s what!  Ending up a year older, but not a stick richer.  If I had my way, next fella comes in here spoutin’ off “Merry Christmas”, they’re going to be tarred and feathered.


Fred:         What a ridiculous fascination with Christmas? Well, apart from the fact that Christmas is, as you know uncle, the time we celebrate the birth of our Lord and saviour, Jesus Christ.


Scrooge:       What’s with this mumbo-jumbo churchy talk nonsense?


Fred:          Well, uncle, fact is I’m praying that you see that God cares for you and no matter how much you rant and rave that God wants a relationship with you.


Fred begins to walk out of bank to exit stage and then waves to Bob Cratchit, who waves back


Narrator:       Well, Fred was doing what God called him to do. He was telling Uncle Scrooge about the birth of his Saviour. And when you have Jesus in your heart, You Gotta Show It!!


Flashlight Dance – You Gotta Show It


dancers exit


Charity Members enter, books and papers in hand, bow to Scrooge.


Scrooge:       You guys and your talk about a merry Christmas. You are all plumb outta you’re minds, that’s what!


Charity Member1:
Might you, sir, be Mr. Scrooge, or Mr. Marley?


Scrooge:       Seeing as how Mr. Marley has been dead these seven years, I’ll leave it to you to decide.


Charity Member1:
I have no doubt his surviving partner will be generous to the needs of others. (hands papers to Scrooge)


Cratchit, under his breath:
I can see you are new to these parts, Mr. Scrooge has been accused of many things, but NEVER of being generous!


Scrooge frowns, shakes his head, hands papers back


Charity Member2:
This being Christmas and all, Mr. Scrooge, we try to do a little something extra for those less fortunate.  We like to do what we can by providing warm clothing, food, maybe a toy for a little one.


Scrooge:       So you plan to pluck money out of my pocket, to give to someone who doesn’t care to work, for a free ride at my expense!  Is that our plan, then, good sirs?


Charity Member1:
No sir, they are simply down on their luck right now.  . .


Scrooge:       Down on their luck indeed!  I think not!


Charity Member2:
Sir, we need to show Christian kindness at Christmas and all year long.


Scrooge:       What is it with you people? Christian kindness! Folks giving their lives to Jesus!  Am I the only one left that is sane? Mumbo-jumbo churchy talk nonsense!


Charity Member1:
Well, sir, it is the season of Christian love.  So, you wish to contribute then, Mr. Scrooge?


Scrooge:       I wish to be left alone!  Since you ask me what I wish, gentlemen that is my answer. I will be giving you nothing, other than a good day to you as you kindly leave my bank!


Charity Members look at Scrooge, shake their heads, walk off stage, while Scrooge shows contempt, goes back to work.


Bob Cratchit:   Well, Mr. Scrooge, sir, I’ll be mosseyin’ on home now.


Scrooge:       You'll want all of tomorrow off for Christmas, I suppose?


Bob Cratchit:   If that’s OK by you, sir.


Scrooge:       It's not OK, and it's not fair.  I pay a day's wage for a day’s work.


Bob Cratchit smiles nervously


Bob Cratchit:    But, it is only once a year, sir.


Bob Cratchit begins putting on his coat. 


Scrooge:       A poor excuse for picking a man's pocket every twenty-fifth of December!  (buttoning up his winter coat) But, fine, I suppose if you must have the whole day, but be here extra early the day after Christmas.


Bob Cratchit:    You have my word on that, Mr. Scrooge, sir.


Bob Cratchit exits off stage.


Children’s Bell Choir – gets ready to enter


Scrooge walks over to bed and takes off his coat, as Narrator speaks


Narrator:       Now, it shouldn’t come as a real big shock to you that old Scrooge didn’t heat his whole house.  No sirree!  Just his tiny little bedroom.  Ebenezer wasn’t likely to burn one more stick of wood than necessary.


Scrooge:       Christmas!  Humbug!  Mumbo-jumbo churchy talk nonsense!


Scrooge gets into bed and falls asleep.


Narrator:  Yes, Humbug, said Scrooge; as he crawled into bed and nodded off.


Bells – O’ Holy Night


Children’s Bell Choir exits


Marley enters and walks toward Scrooge


Marley:  Ebenezer, wake up Ebenezer!


Scrooge wakes with a start


Scrooge:       It’s you!  Jake Marley, my lifelong partner at The National Bank of Topeka!  It’s you, but you’re dead!  Why do you come to torture me?


Marley:        I’ve come to set you straight, Ebenezer.  Tell me, what proof do you need to believe?


Scrooge:       I don't know, I simply know this cannot be real. I know what it must be!! It’s the pork and beans I had for dinner tonight!


Marley:        Ebenezer, believe!  There is a Heaven, because of Jesus!


Scrooge:       Humbug, I tell you; humbug!  Have mercy!  Why are you doing this to trouble me?


Marley:        I have not come to harm you Ebenezer, but to make you see what must be changed in your life.


Scrooge:       Tell me, what have I done that needs change? I keep to myself, don’t harm anyone.  You know that Marley.


Marley:        You have a great deal to change, Ebenezer. A self-centered life is not from God.  Your money is your God… Ebenezer.  Money may give you power in this life, but your money is useless in the next life!


Scrooge:       You mean, God does . . .exist?


Marley:        Oh, yes, indeed!  God does exist.  There can be no doubt.  Nor is there doubt that you must make changes in your life, Ebenezer.  My part is only to make you fully aware of your need.  Only God can change you, if you let him.


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