A Lookies search for love

Cast Number: 1

Run-time:3 min.

Bible Reference: Galatians 6:7-

Categories: 1-5 Minute Scripts, Mime, Valentines/Love
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In this mime skit a lonely Lookie tries looking tough, cool, and many other looks to find friends. Useful for all ages as a short drama skit or to highlight family and friend relationships.

Use either Lance or Lillie for the Lookie's name. This script can be used as a sidecoach narrative in which participants hear the story for the first time as they create movement spontaneously. Unlike many sidecoarch narratives, we do direct a bit of the movement in advance as outlined in the directions below. The story can also be used as narration for apracticed, rehearsed mime piece.

1. First, introduce the Lookie's look. The hands are held up to the face as shown in the picture above. We call this "OK eyes" due to the use of the OK sign with the hands.
2. Whenever the Lookie looks, look in that direction with the OK eyes extending the hands far from the face and then suddenly while making a slurp sound, the eyes bounce back as if attached with elastic to the head. We will call this an "elastic look." The narrator should lead with a sound both for extension of the OK eyes and for the elastic slurp return.
3. Practice several attitudes such as happy, tough, sad, confused. Encourage the use of the hands and the body to create such an attitude.
4. Be prepared to create your own movement as we share in a Lookie's search for love! nce upon a time there was a Lookie named Lance. And Lance wanted very, very much to be loved. Thtoue Lookie thought looking really, really tough might bring friends. Lance started looking gh--as tough as a Lookie could look. Soon, Lance glanced one way (look one way with elastic look) and then another way (elastic look in the other direction.) The entire time Lance was looking as tough as a Lookie could look. No friends appeared. In fact, everyone seemed afraid. Still looking a little tough, Lance stood alone, sad, and confused.

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