Abiding In The Vine

Cast Number: 2

Run-time:6 min.

Bible Reference: John 15:1-17

Categories: Prayer, Sermon Starter
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Theme:       The metaphors in “The Vine And The Branches” can make it difficult to understand. This monologue with offstage voice clears up misconceptions.


Bible Reference:      John 15:1-17


Cast:         Gina for monologue, written as a female, could be adjusted to male
Offstage Voice of God (VOG) (male voice good control to emotions)


Set, Sound, Costumes:       standard


Time:        6


Sample of script:


actor comes onstage, thinking, takes a few steps, sighs, bows head, deep breath, looks upward


Gina:        Heavenly Father I . .  .
(pauses, shakes head, deep breath, looks upward)
Heavenly Father I just want to . . .
(pauses, frustrated)
What’s the use, Heavenly Father . . .  I just can’t . . .


VOG:       Can’t what child?


Gina, shock:  Who . . . what . . . Little brother, if that’s you messing around I will . .


VOG:       In case you forgot your little brother Stan is away at camp.


Gina:        Oh yeh, I  . . . .  Wait, but then who are you?
(looks around)
Where are you?


VOG:       As I recall you were praying to me . . . your heavenly Father.
And I could tell you were sincere so I answered.


Gina, shock:  You can do that?


VOG:       Have been doing it since the beginning of time. Don’t believe me, check my book.


Gina:        Wow, that’s . . .  amazing!


VOG:       I heard you singing that in church on Sunday.


Gina:        I sang “Amazing God” . . . . You heard me, like . . you were there?


VOG:       I am always with you, even at times when you maybe wish I wasn’t.


Gina:        You are talking about Wednesday morning when I . . .


VOG:       We will deal with Wednesday morning when the time is right. . .  Right now you wanted to talk to me. . .  So shoot!


Gina:        Well, thing is, there are times when I feel disconnected.


VOG:       I have noticed that too. . .  But what are you doing about it?


Gina:        I have been trying! . . . If you are watching you would know how much time I spend reading the Bible, looking for answers.


VOG:       I am and I do. But mine is a big book, gazillion topics, you need to look in the right places.


Gina:        And you have some suggestions?


VOG:       I do matter of fact. . .  But let’s start with just one. . .  John recorded my words very well, found in Chapter 15.


Gina:        The Vine and the Branches, I read that.


VOG:       Skimmed might be the better word. . . . .


Gina:        Well some of your parables are really hard to figure out!


VOG:       I look at this more as using metaphors than parables, but whatever, we can discuss that another time. . .  Right now the subject at hand is the vine and the branches.


Gina:        Guess I can’t get over the talk about the fruitless branches going into the fire.


VOG:       Well, whether in plant husbandry or in life, non-productive members will take away sap, energy, from the vine. . . . And that is never good.
Seems strange to me how people focus more on the non-productive branch rather than on the productive branches.
In order to be productive the branch must  . . . abide . . . that means must stay connected, to the vine . . . constantly and unrestricted, to live and to bear fruit.
Go cut a leafy branch from a vine. . .  Soon leaves will wither and die since their sap, their source of sustenance and life is gone.


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