Abraham Portrait of Obedience

Cast Number: 3

Run-time:6 min.

Bible Reference: Genesis 22

Categories: Bible Characters, Family, Father, Leadership, Seniors, Sermon Starter, Sunday School
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Abraham, a study in obedience

Genesis 22 is about obeying God regardless of the cost. It is also a foreshadow of Jesus.

Bible Reference

Genesis 15:5, 17:21 and 22:1-18

Abraham – an older gentleman

• God - off-stage voice

• Isaac – late teens to early 20’s



Shepherd staff

• Stack of wood

• Knife

• Altar

• Others as desired



The desert


The altar is set up downstage left. The lighting is early evening. Abraham will enter from downstage right.

Sample of script


enters and takes his place at downstage right. He leans gently on his shepherd staff. After a few moments, dialogue begins…

GOD: Abraham!

ABRAHAM: looking up  Here I am.

GOD: Take your son, your only son, Isaac, whom you love, and go to the region of Moriah. Sacrifice him there as a burnt offering on one of the mountains I will tell you about.

ABRAHAM: speaking to audience  I am familiar with God's voice because I have heard it several times before. However, I must admit, this request I do not understand. God has promised to make my offspring as countless as the stars in the sky, but now He is asking me to sacrifice my one and only son. (Paces a bit as he thinks.) The Lord has always been faithful me. It didn't make sense when He called me to leave my father's house and go to an unknown land. He showed me the way and blessed me. I begged Him to show mercy to my nephew Lot before destroying Sodom and Gomorrah and He did. I do not understand this thing He asks of me now, but I must obey and believe that God will provide.

ABRAHAM  exits as lights fade. Off-stage, ABRAHAM places a knife in his belt and picks up the stack of wood. Lights come up to reflect early morning. ABRAHAM enters.

ABRAHAM:  again, speaking to audience  I have cut enough wood for the burnt offering. (ABRAHAM  puts wood down.) I told Sarah that God commanded me to take Isaac into the mountains to perform a burnt offering, but I couldn't bring myself to tell her that Isaac himself was to be the sacrifice. God has promised to establish His covenant with Isaac. I must hold on to that promise. (Looks to downstage right and calls for his son) Isaac!

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