Advent Opportunities

Cast Number: 10

Run-time:40 min.

Bible Reference: Ephesians 6:11-18

Categories: Advent, Christmas, Dinner Theatre
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A script which combines the unlikely mix of demons, advent and humor.
A group of demons visit a church and join in on the advent planning meeting. The various levels of Christian understanding and commitment among the church members become obvious. Meanwhile the demons do all they can to disrupt and destroy the belief in God and the hope of advent. The importance of prayer is emphasized in the drama.

Cast:        10 (except for the obvious these could be male or female)
Big Lou (Lucifer)
Brother Eddie (Fallen Angel 007)
Brother Snake (Fallen Angel 1221)
Brother Willie (Fallen Angel 1825)
Brother Harry (Fallen Angel 6222)
Chrissie (strong Christian)
Richard (very proud of his contribution to the church)
Donna (church member)
Connie (church member)
VOJ Offstage voice of Jess (Jesus)
additional actors (without speaking parts) could be used for the scenes as extra demons and/or church members

Set:         blank set, floor area in front of stage is also used

Lighting:    Standard except when the voice of Jess (Jesus) is heard there will be a very bright spotlight on the stage

Sound:      standard

Costumes:   likely contemporary

Props:       tables and chairs

Special Instructions: 
As written this script portrays Satan and the demons in a kind of “mob” manner and uses some humor to get the story across. By writing in this manner we are not trying to trivialize nor glorify the demons, we are only trying to portray how Satan does target the church, yet how God will be victorious.

Sample of script:      

Big Lou and Brother Eddie sneak in through the audience to the foot of the stage

Eddie:       Hey boss, where are we anyhow?

Big Lou:      Church over on Edmonds Street! . .

Eddie:       Didn’t know you was into churchy thin’s boss.

Big Lou, shock, angry, grabs Brother Eddie by lapels:    
Don’t youse never accuse me of anythin’ even remote close to churchy stuff, understand punk?

Eddie:       Hey boss, no way was I accusin’ I was askin’ is all. Askin’ ain’t like accussin’!

Big Lou:      Well don’t youse never go an’ put my name and churchy in the same sentence, same dictionary even, got it punk?

Eddie:       I got it fer sure boss, I am cool with that.

Big Lou:      Best not ferget it punk, or I make an example of youse like I did with your buddy last week.

Eddie:       Hey boss, I am cool with what youse did with him, he had it comin’ fer sure. Besides he wasn’t never like a close friend of mine . .  hardly knew the fella for a fact.

Big Lou:      Youse guys best be careful how youse pick your friends, I tell youse guys.

Eddie:       Boss, if I kin ask youse, what for are we here at this here church, this here time?

Big Lou, very sarcastic:    
‘Cause this bunch are plannin’ Christmas celebrations is what. . . . Fools!

Eddie:       Christmas? . .  Ain’t that when Santy Claus comes an’ brings candies an’ stuff?

Big Lou:      Well that part ain’t so bad, it’s the other bunk that these church guys spout off about.

Eddie:       Kin youse give me a fer instance of what they spout?

Big Lou:      Christmas is when the church guys talk about the birth of Jesus Christ.

Eddie:       Ohhh boy! . .  I kin see where that ain’t a good thing boss.

Big Lou:      After all these centuries you’d’a thought these churchy folks would’a given up on the fantasy of Jesus Christ.

Eddie:       You sayin’ the birth of Jesus Christ never happened boss?

Big Lou:      Well of course the birth of Jesus Christ happened . . . it’s just no way no normal people oughta believe any of that other stuff no more. But you got some of these fanatical churchy people who won’t go’n listen to common sense.

Eddie:       Youse don’t much like church people do youse boss?

Big Lou:      No I for sure do not, bud! . . An’ if’n youse knows what’s good for youse, youse best not get cuddly-friendly hoity-toity wit’ them neither, capeesh?

Eddie:       Youse don’t gotta worry none about me boss, fact is I never even ever loined (learned) how to hoity, or how to toity either, fer that matter.

Big Lou:      Well, see’n as how youse are up here with yours truly on like what we call a covoit (covert) undercover operation, best you don’t never ferget, OK?

Eddie:       Youse can count on me boss! . . . Dis here is some excitin’ boss! Gotta tell youse, I ain’t never been on a covoit undercover operation before dis . . . and like I say, some excitin’ fer a fact!

Big Lou:      Well just make sure youse guys use yer noggins, don’t go givin’ away to these church guys who we really is, understood?

Eddie:       Youse can count on me boss! . .  Ain’t no chance nobody’s gonna know dat youse is Lucifer and we’s is on covoit undercover operation boss.

Big Lou, shock, angry, grabs Brother Eddie by lapels:    
I told you, don’t youse not never mention the name’a Lucifer up here, not never, understand? . . Next thing I know, youse be spillin’ the beans about us comin’ here to trap stupid church folks.

Eddie:       I ain’t never gonna spill no beans boss, Nah ah, not me, not never.
Thing is, if’n some church folks ask, what am I to say if’n some church folks ask what you’ name is?

Big Lou:      You kin tell church folks my name is . .  Big Lou.

Eddie, impressed:   
Big Lou! . . . I like that name Lucifer! . . . Errrr, that is to say . . . boss.
(thinks, smiles)
D’ya think maybe I could be like . . . Little Lou? . .  Could I maybe boss?

Big Lou:      No, I already give the name’a Little Lou to Fallen Angel 18533.

Eddie:       Awwww, Fallen Angel 18533? . . How kin Fallen Angel 18533 be called Little Lou? . . Fallen Angel 18533 is likely 400 pounds and easy 6 foot 14 inches, fer a fact. . . How does that square with da name’a Little Lou I ask ya?

Big Lou, angry, grabs Eddie’s lapels:           
Like I sez, I give the name’a Little Lou to Fallen Angel 18533! . . And what is is, and that’s the way it is, OK?

Eddie:       Oh all right, it’s just my name is sooooooo boring . . . Fallen Angel 007! . . I mean when these church folks go an’ ask me my name, I just gotta say, “Hello, I am Fallen Angel 007”!

Big Lou, angry, grabs Eddie’s lapels:           
Don’t you not never gonna learn nothin’? . . While we are on covoit undercover operation among church folks we don’t never use names from Hell, got that?
But no matter, I got a great name fer you as well . . .

Eddie:       Yesssss! . . Let me guess . . . . Maybe Smart Sam?

Big Lou:      No.

Eddie:       Fantastic Frank?

Big Lou:      You are a dreamer, 007.

Eddie:       Mighty Max?

Big Lou:      Brother Eddie.

Eddie:       Brother Eddie?

Big Lou:      Brother Eddie.

Eddie:       Any chance for a second choice?

Big Lou:      Like I sez, what it is is.
Anyways, where at is the rest of our crew?

Eddie:       I told ‘em to mix and mingle wit’ da natives here, kinda like blend in, know what I mean?

Big Lou:      Yeh, I git your meanin’ but for now how be they unmix an’ unmingle and get they’s selfs up here so’s I kin clue them in about what’s expected, what their jobs gonna be here.

Eddie:       I am right on it boss.
(gives very loud whistle, yells out loudly)
Hey youse guys, up here on the double!

Big Lou, grabs Eddie by the lapels
I told youse, low key, quiet like!

Eddie:       Gotcha boss, fer sure. . .
(shouts out)
OK youse guys, get up here real quick but like don’t make a lot of noise doin’ it, you heard da boss, he wants low key quiet like from youse guys.

Big Lou, annoyed:   
T’anks a lot!

actors come to the front from various locations among the audience

Eddie:       Here youse go boss, all ready an’ accounted for.

Big Lou:      All right youse guys, listen up. . . . Welcome to Operation Advent Opportunity.

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