African-American Achiever Booker T. Washington

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Run-time:5 min.

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Booker T. Washington was an early African-American achiever who played a vital role in the early years of building the United States, and of laying the path for future generations of minority achievers. His contributions to education, and to betterment of African-American conditions are immense.

Props: large scrapbook

Sample of script:

actor comes on stage carrying a large book, sits, leafs through the bookafter a few moments, looks up, smiles, speaks

The more I read, the more amazed I become!
I am researching the history of prominent early African-American people, and the role African-American people have played in this great nation.
We have an extraordinary history .. . an amazing heritage.
Incredible tradition of fine and talented men and women.
A tradition of which to be proud, a tradition we must celebrate, and teach to upcoming generations.

leafs through book, smiles

Folks like Booker T. Washington come to mind.

glances at book, turns pages

When the name Booker T. Washington is mentioned mostly we think of a powerful educator, author, orator, administrator, a friend of presidents of industry as well as presidents of the nation. And Booker T. was all of those and more. . . But he was also a man of humble beginnings, a man who grew up near Hales Ford, Virginia, back in 1865, born in harsh conditions to an enslaved mother and a white father who likely was her master, sleeping on the floor of a rundown shanty, working long and painful hours from the time he could walk about.

Amazing how this man became one of the noted educators in the history of this nation, when after all, he was born a slave into a system where schooling was illegal for slaves. Following the liberation of the Emancipation Proclamation, young Booker worked in salt plants and coal mines in West Virginia, getting to work at 4 am, attending school during the day, then returned to the mine after school was finished in the evening. His burning desire to be educated was fired by his mother, a woman who could neither read nor write, but who realized that it was only through education that a better life could be attained by her son.

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