An Ordinary Child

Cast Number: 1

Run-time:10 min.

Bible Reference: Luke 1-2

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A monologue talks of an “ordinary child” born in Bethlehem.

Sound: (optionally) at the end of monologue the song: “More Than a Child”
Words and Music by Lawrence Keith Holder. © 1997 Lawrence Keith Holder (Larry Holder Music, ASCAP)

Time: 10 minutes (with song)

Sample of script:

actor comes on stage

Of all people in human history, past and present, none, famous or infamous, have had more profound impact on history than one raised in obscurity in the remote, irrelevant village of Nazareth, in Galilee.
The birth of Jesus looms large in historical and theological legend, yet the story receives less than two chapters in the account written by Luke, the practical and precise doctor. Matthew set aside little more than a page to recount the birth of Jesus, while Mark, and even John, the disciple whom Jesus loved, make no mention of the birth whatsoever.
How then could this birth, this extraordinary happening, have taken place with such amazing events and circumstance, yet seemingly slipped by with the attention of only a few menial shepherds, a handful of Oriental scholars and a man and a girl-child from Nazareth? . . From all accounts this happening drew a crowd only from residents of heaven, the angels.
What might it have been like to be a neighbour of Joseph in the town of Nazareth? And what if that neighbour had been, like Joseph, a descendant of David, and so would have been required, forced actually, by the Romans, to attend the census in Bethlehem?
Come with me as I explore those happenings of a time more than two thousand years ago. Before we start let me remind you that my story, although I try very hard to follow truthful accounts, is uneducated and uninspired speculation, for the only true and reliable account of the birth of Jesus is in the Bible, and in the heart of God. Yet perhaps by speculation we might be forced to more closely, and carefully, illuminate and expand our understanding of God’s truly amazing gift of his own son, Jesus Christ.
If anything I say does not sit well, or seems wrong, please chalk that up to my profound humanness. If there may be something in what I say which brings you more close to God, or serves to make you seek to know God more intimately, and to follow him more closely, it will be the spirit of God that creates this stirring in your soul.
May I introduce you to Aaron ben Simon, of Nazareth.
pause, look down for a second, then look up, a flash of recognition, smile
Good day to you! . . Yes, I am Aaron ben Simon. . . These last near sixty years I have spent as a labourer in Nazareth.
frowns as though listening to a question
Do I recall Jesus, son of Joseph the carpenter, you ask? . . Yes, of course I recall him . . Most visitors to Nazareth ask about him. . . Some in scornful tone, others . . more kindly.
pauses, frowns as though listening to a question
The birth . . do I remember the details? . . . (chuckles) . . . Well I must admit, as the years go by my memory for detail does fail me at times . . . but, yes, yes I do recall the details. See I grew up across the street from Joseph, the carpenter. . . Fact is, as a young boy, I often visited with Joseph in his workshop. . .What an incredible talent, what he could do with a limb of an old twisted tree!
A fine, noble man that Joseph! . . . Fair and kind to all . . even when the . . . talk started.

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