Athletes Prayer

Cast Number: 1

Run-time:7 min.

Bible Reference: Genesis 3:12

Categories: Prayer, Sermon Starter
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An athlete is "using" prayer before the big race, asking God to intervene with a strong headwind for the opponents, a comedy which comes very close to mirroring how many people "use" prayer
Scene happens in a hotel room where Jock is getting ready for tomorrow’s track meet.

Sample of script:

Jock: Man, I’m about worn down to nothing! Jogging eight miles, weight training, exercises! Now to finally hit the sack for the night. Gotta be ready for the 5:30 rise and shine. Tomorrow’s the big day. The track meet of the year! Wow! I am so ready for this competition! With a little bit of luck along the way, I could go solid gold! Luck. Ya, I’ll need some luck. Sosa from Cuba, I hear he’s been tearing up the track lately! He’s gonna be tough to compete with. (thinks) I need some luck, maybe a lucky four leaf clover, rabbit’s foot. (looks around on table) No, don’t have anything like that. (picks up a Bible from the table) What’s this? ‘Holy Bible’. Says, ‘donated by Gideons’. Whoever Gideons is.
(leafs through Bible) Says selections for if you are lonely, if you are tired. Get this one, “backsliding”! Don’t see anything in here for tomorrow’s track meet. (reads) Prayer. (thinks) Do you suppose? Nah! (thinks) But, maybe. I did hear that some of the guys from the South African team actually do pray before their races. Would you believe they pray IN PUBLIC? Sheeesh! I would never do something like that! But, who knows, maybe there just might be something to all this, this Bible stuff. Why not? Nobody’s around right now. What could it hurt?
Alright now, then, how am I supposed to get started with this? I remember hearing someone pray once, let’s see. . . . (clears throat) God is great, God is good, let us thank Him for this foo . . . No, wrong one! Let’s see, I could say, . . . . (thinks) This is tougher than I thought. Wonder how you get in touch with God? I wonder if there’s a number somewhere in here for Dial-A-Prayer. (leafs through Bible) What’s this? (reads) ‘If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land’. Say what? This praying thing is much harder than I expected! (thinks) I wonder if I just kinda just, well, tried, talking? OK, here we go then, (clears throat), Hello God.

Voice: Finally got around to talking did you?

Jock (startled): Whaaaa . . . what’s that? Who said that?

Voice: Me. I am. God. You called me.

Jock: (looks cautiously at Bible) Hey, you mean, . . this stuff . . it really . . . works?

Voice: Stuff? Exactly what “stuff” are you talking about?

Jock: I mean, like, prayer, and talking to you, and . . . all.

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