Bible Warning Label

Cast Number: 1

Run-time:2 min.

Bible Reference: Romans 15:4

Categories: Monologue, Sermon Starter
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Seems like everything we get has to have a warning label.
Should there be a warning label on all bibles to pre-warn potential readers of the life-long effect that exposure to the Bible could have on their lives, and on the people around them? This monologue offers several suggested warning labels that could be used.

Sample of script:

Setting: None. Optionally, a “presenter” can present the wrapped bible to the actor with some platitudes about the gift.

Actor: Thank you, thank you very much! That’s nice. Thank you for this gift. Shall I open it? Okay.Looks at package, notices label on ribbon.

Nice wrapping. Oh, here’s a lable. Ha, I already know who it’s from, thanks again. Oh, I see. It’s a warning label. Hmmm. I seems like everything has a warning label these days.

(READS)“Danger. Ribbon can present a strangling hazard for small children. To be used only under adult supervision.”Hmmm. I seems like everything has a warning label these days.Removes ribbon, notices second label on paper.Another label!

(READS)“Caution: Wrapping paper is flammable and presents a hazard. Please insure it is disposed of properly. (PAUSE –Turns Over label) Not responsible for consequences of misuse. Contact for more information.”That is just too much.Tears off paper, sees bible and smiles happily

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