Board Meeting In Hell

Cast Number: 4

Run-time:7 min.

Bible Reference: Mark 4:15

Categories: 6-8 Minutes Scripts, Comedy
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Satan's attacks
A comedy about demons plotting to take the joy out of life and make things miserable for the pastor and his flock.

- Head demon and various demons 4

Sample of script

(all demons enter acting demon-like, hunched back walking and moving around)

HD: Well you know why were here, these people at (church name) have too much joy. Their contagious joy is infecting others and this must be stopped. Your job is simple steal their joy.

(The demons spread out among the congregation)

#1: (Goes to the Pastor) I know what I'm gonna do, I'm gonna make him worry about if people's lives are being changed. He'll be so stressed out he'll never get anything done!

HD: Failure , I like it (pauses and thinks a few seconds) You idiot, He (points to Pastor) knows its God's responsibility to bring the increase so that won't work.

(#1 goes to his next victim)

#2: I know what I'm going to do (proudly declares) I'm going to annoy her, you know poor timing on phone calls, flat tires and dozens of other "disasters" till she not only loses her joy but her mind as well.

HD: You always chose the fun jobs (pause's and thinks) but that won't work.

#2: Oh yes it will.

HD: Wake up and think, what about Romans 8:28, (he writes it) all those things will work to give God glory and she knows it, if you did that it would backfire all over you.

#3: Yeah Bozo!

#2: Well I don't see you coming up with any great ideas.

HD: Yeah what have you come up with?

#3: Uh, . . . . well . . . .

HD: Out with it!

#3: We could, . . . uh, (pause) or, uh , Yeah I got it, let's scare her!

HD: Oh how original, scare her I'm impressed you must of worked overtime on that idea.

#3: Hey boss, think about it. How many ear to ear grins do you see on the face of someone looking over their shoulder?

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