Bubbles of Sin

Cast Number: 5

Run-time:10 min.

Bible Reference: Genesis 10:43

Categories: Clowning, Puppet
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Bubbles the clown gets a lesson in Sin and Forgiveness



Bubbles the whale, and Squeekers the Mouse

Satan (balloon head to pop)

Donk the Mule

Rover the Dog

Bobo the clown.

Bobo: (blows a few bubbles from pink bubbles necklace) Oh I just ran out of bubbles. Well that’s OK, because I bought a whole bottle of bubbles at the store the other day. (searches everywhere, bump bottom) Oh no they’re gone. I know they were right here. Who would want to steal my bubbles. Oh here is Donk maybe she knows. Hi Donk.

Donk: (talks very low and very slow) Hel_lo Bo_bo.

Bobo: Donk, my bubbles are gone and I think someone has taken them. Have you seen anyone with bubbles.

Donk: No_oo I Hav_en’t. Here comes Ro_ver, why do_n’t you ask her.

Bobo: Ok Donk. Thanks anyway.

Donk: Good_bye.

Rover: (pants , barks and growls every once in a while) Pant, rrrr Hi Bobo.

Bobo: (sigh) Hi Rover.

Rover: (pant) rrrr bark bark what’s the matter Bobo. Did you lose your bone. Rrrrr bark makes my tale lose it’s wag when I lose my bone.

Bobo: No Rover, but my bubbles are missing and I think someone took them. Have you seen anyone with bubbles that might look suspicious.

Rover: rrrrrr bark bark No I haven’t but rrrrr I’ll keep a watch out. I’m a watch dog you know. But Squeeker was saying something about bubbles. Rrrrr bark bark Squeeker come here. Bark bark, come quick.

Squeeker: (comes up and eeeeks – Squeaker doesn’t say words, Squeaker just squeaks)

Bobo: Yes, hi Squeeker.

Rover: rrrrr Bark Bark Bobo thinks someone took her bubbles rrrrr have you seen anyone with bubbles.

Squeeker: (nods head) eeeeeek eeek eeeeek

Bobo: Noooo are you sure.

Squeeker: (nods) eeeek eeek eeeek

Bobo: Bubbles the whale was playing with bubbles. But I thought he told me he ran out of bubbles and his mom wasn’t going to buy him anymore because he gets them all over the rocks and then people slip and fall.

Squeeker: eeeeek eeeek eeek

Bobo: Oh ok Squeeker thanks for your help. Careful and don’t get stepped on.

Rover: rrrrrr bark you want I should go bite him.

Bobo: No Rover thanks for your help though. I’ve known Bubbles for a long time. I’ve never known him to do anything like this before. Times like this is when friends need you to be a friend the most.

Rover: RRRRrr Bark OK but don’t forget the offer.

Bobo: OK, thanks Rover, bye. Boy I can’t believe Bubbles would do something like this. Lord show me how to handle this in a way that will help Bubbles stop sinning.


: (As soon as Bubbles appears, Satan starts sticking his head out here and there, laughing softly with glee)

Bubbles: (every time he talks, bubbles come out) Oh hi Bobo what’s the matter.

Bobo: Oh hi Bubbles, I seem to have uhhhh misplaced, yeah that’s it misplaced the bubbles I just bought, do you have any idea what might have happened to them.


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