Building Walls

Cast Number: 3

Run-time:15 min.

Bible Reference: Titus 2:12

Categories: Mime
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A mime that tells that Jesus does not want us to be shutting ourselves away from the world, but to use His Word as a defence against all that Satan and the world can throw at us.

Cast: 3 main characters plus any number of extras.

Props and Costumes: Christian, Satan and Jesus all have signs on them showing their names. Satan dressed in black or red, Jesus in white. All other actors may be in any colors except red, black or white.
Large Bible with sign in big letters, “God’s Word.”

Sample of script:

Christian comes on stage, is playing, running, having fun. Christian might mime playing catch with a ball, kicking a soccer ball, reading a book, etc.

Satan comes (snakelike) squirming his way on stage from an upstage position, behind Christian, mimes that he is hiding from Christian, and watches what Christian is doing.

Satan gets a thought, (light comes on in mind), as though “Ahaaaaa!”Satan shares an aside with the audience, chuckles, points to Christian with both index fingers, then both index fingers to own chest. “He will be mine!”

Satan, aside to audience, points both index fingers to audience, to own eyes, to own chest, points at his strongman muscles. “You watch me, I am strong!” Satan chuckles, points to Christian with both index fingers, then both index fingers to own chest. “He will be mine!”

Satan snakelike squirms his way to Christian, large phoney smile on Satan’s face, taps Christian on shoulder, points to Christian. Satan motions “come” with hand, inviting Christian to come with Satan.

Mime shakes head no, goes on doing what s/he has been doing, although nervously looking out of corner of eye to check to see what Satan is doing.

Satan becomes angry, taps harder on Christian’s shoulder, points at Christian, waves decisively for Christian to come with him.

Christian very firmly shakes head no, points at own “Christian” sign, points finger at Satan and then at the sign “Satan”, “I am Christian, you are Satan, no!”

Jesus comes onstage at upstage position, watching what is going on, frowns, goes to Christian, offers Bible to Christian, (make sure that the sign “God’s Word” is very visible to the audience).

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