Caesar Augustus’ Census

Cast Number: 1

Run-time:2 min.

Bible Reference: Luke 2:1-5

Categories: Bible Characters, Christmas, Monologue
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Theme:       Caesar Augustus announces a census of all the Roman Empire. Companion script to the longer "Caesar Augustus Census2" script.


Bible Reference:     Luke 2:1-5


Cast:         1 male, likely in traditional costume


Time:        1:/p>


Sample of script:


actor comes onstage to announce and take questions, becomes increasingly annoyed


Let all know that I, Caesar Augustus, proclaim a census of the Roman Empire be taken immediately.

Every person shall proceed to their tribal homes, and there be registered.

Quirinius shall be in charge and will deal most harshly with any person who does not comply.



(looks into audience, listening, frown)


The reason for the census? . . The census is required in order that Rome be aware of numbers; that we may look after needs. . . .Next?


(looks into audience, listening, frown)


You question the legitimacy since census is forbidden by Jewish law. Rome understands Jewish rules and regulations. And, except where the greater good applies, Rome will permit Jewish law.

This is one such exception. . . .The census will go ahead. . . .Any other questions?


(looks into audience, listening, frown)


Will the census be used for purposes of taxation?

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