Caesar Augustus’ Census2

Cast Number: 1

Run-time:5 min.

Bible Reference: Luke 2:1-5

Categories: Bible Characters, Christmas, Monologue
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Theme:       Caesar Augustus decreed that there would be a census. This monologue tells of the reason for the census and the man behind that census.
This script in the companion to the shorter “Caesar Augustus Census” script, (content is expanded).

Bible Reference:     Luke 2:1-5


Cast:         1 male


Set, Lighting, Sound:  standard


Costumes:    contemporary likely




Special Instructions:  


Time:        5


Sample of script:      


Let all people know that I, Gaius Julius Caesar Octavianus, known as Caesar Augustus, adopted son and heir of Julius Caesar, do proclaim that a census of the Roman Empire be taken immediately.

Each and every person, without exception, shall proceed to their tribal homes, and there be registered.

My designate, Quirinius of Lanuvium, shall be in charge of the census and will deal most harshly with any person who does not fully comply.

I am open to taking a few brief questions if anyone should so require.


(looks into audience, listening, frown)


You ask the reason for the census.

The census is required in order that Rome be aware of numbers, so that we, as your protectors, may be in positions to guard you and look after your material needs.



(looks into audience, listening, frown)


You wish to question the legitimacy of holding a census since census is forbidden by Jewish law. Rome, as your protector, is always cognizant of the unique rules and regulations of the Jewish people. And, except where the greater good applies, Rome does her best to permit and even give credence to Jewish law.

This is one such exception.

The census will go ahead.

Any other questions?


(looks into audience, listening, frown)


You ask if the census will be used for the purposes of taxation.

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