Called To Be Uncomfortable

Cast Number: 5

Run-time:3 min.

Bible Reference: John 13:35

Categories: Sermon Starter, Valentines/Love
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Theme:       God doesn’t call us to be comfortable. He calls us to love one another. So in showing friendship and brotherhood to others we may at times be uncomfortable.


Bible Reference:      John 13:nbsp;  


Cast:         5, likely young adults, can be male or female


Set, Sound, Costumes:       standard


Props:        weird hat


Time:        3


Sample of script:


all come on stage talking


Parker:       Riley, I gotta tell you, that was one really strange group in there.


Riley:        I’d never seen some of those guys either Parker. But I thought it was an OK time.


Parker:       Yah most of the guys were OK I guess.


Riley:        Wait Parker . . . . So if some of the guys were OK, guess that means you think some of the guys weren’t OK.


Parker:       Wait a bit yourself Riley. I never said some of the guys weren’t OK! What made you say that?


Riley:        What made me say that? . . Maybe it was you saying “most of the guys in there were OK!”  (to Jordan) What would you think, Jordan, if Parker said that to you?


Jordan:       Well I would likely think, Parker, that you aren’t comfortable with some of the guys in the group.


Parker:       Exactly, Jordan. . .  Some of them are, I dunno . . . I  . . . am just really not comfortable with them.


Dakota:       Some? Such as who?


Parker:       Well there was that one girl with the purple hair and the . . .


Kendall:      And the nose ring?


Parker:       Yah, that’s the one I mean . . .


Kendall:      I know her, Desiree is her name.  She has had a really tough life. . . . Dad in prison, her mom works three jobs.


Parker:       See, that’s it. . . . I am just not comfortable with that sort of . . . people.
Her and that guy with the head thing.


Riley:        You mean Wasif, the guy wearing the turban?

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