Christmas Encounters of a Fresh Kind

Cast Number: 1

Run-time:10 min.

Bible Reference: Luke 19:10

Categories: Christmas, Monologue, Women
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Has Christmas come to seem kinda, well, blah, unexciting, tedious, old hat? Well perhaps you need . . . Christmas Encounters of a Fresh Kind . .
A humorous monologue has a woman considering changes to her tacky Christmas decorations, when she is challenged to have a fresh look at why she is celebrating the season

Sample of script:

actress comes on stage, looks around the stage area

Oh man!These old Christmas decorations really gotta go!

suddenly sees the audience

Hey, you startled me, didn’t see you there, here I am dressed in my . .Hey, I got an excuse, pre-Christmas cleaning. . don’t want for your to think I go wandering around my house dressed like this always, I mean I got designer clothes just like you and I . .

OK, so most of my clothes are “George” brand, but fact is they are the better quality Walmart, OK?

pauses as though listening to a question from the audience

What am I up to today?‘Bout five foot three, (give exact height), actually. . . .chuckles at her own joke, then short pauseIt was a little joke, OK?

short pauseOK, so it was a very little joke. What do you expect, that I should be the neighbourhood Phyllis Diller maybe?Anyhow, like I was saying, some of these Christmas decorations, they simply gotta go!Been in the family for like a gazillion years.Mayflower actually.short pause, looks out to audience

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