Daniel and the Lion

Cast Number: 3

Run-time:4 min.

Bible Reference: Daniel 6

Categories: Mime, Prayer
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the importance of talking with God

Characters: Daniel, Lion, Storyteller, possibly guards Props: bone, screen, lion mask

This pantomime uses a screen. This curtain or partition sits in the middle of the stage. All exits and entrances occur from behind the screen.

Sample of script:

Once there was a man whose faith grew to be so great that he prayed even when prayer was prohibited. His name was Daniel. Daniel prayed in many ways. He prayed when sitting and kneeling--positions that you and I associate with prayer. But he also prayed when walking and even running.

To understand how much Daniel loved praying to God we must talk about the king. It so happened that the king of the land declared that anyone who was caught praying would be sent to the lion's den where the hungry lions awaited. Daniel heard the new law, but he continued his prayers. Praying was his way of talking with God, and he refused to turn from God. So, Daniel continued his prayer-talk. Then, one day Daniel was caught and taken on a walk---to the lion's den.

(Daniel enters from behind the screen and either pantomimes being forcefully led by soldiers or other mimes lead Daniel. Daniel is tossed into the lions' den. He becomes afraid and returns to touch an invisible wall as if a door has been closed to the den.)

The den's door was slammed behind him. Daniel froze with fear. The dark, damp den was stuffy. Daniel could smell the animals' presence. He could smell the lions! Daniel was a faithful man who trusted in God. But, can you imagine the fear that he must have felt in the lion's den?
Imagine what you might do in that stale, stuffy, silent, dark den.
Stepping slowly through den as he pressed tightly against the walls of the den, Daniel could sense the lion's presence. "I must pray," he thought. Knowing the importance of his prayer, he looked for just the right place to kneel. In the darkness he stumbled around and tripped over something. He bent down and felt what had to be bones. Startled, Daniel jumped slightly. Suddenly, he realized that where he prayed was not as important as what he prayed. So Daniel kneeled right where he was and prayed earnestly.

(Lion enters on opposite side of stage.)

As for the lion, it knew of Daniel's presence and within the darkness it could see Daniel kneeling. The lion didn't mind Daniel's prayers. As far as the lion was concerned, Daniel was saying grace before dinner--and Daniel was dinner. The lion crept closer and closer.
Daniel could feel a warm breeze moving in the den as he prayed.
Suddenly, he froze. That wasn't a breeze. THAT WAS LION'S BREATH! So Daniel prayed in another way--as he jumped and ran. Daniel dashed across the den. Knowing that there was nowhere for Daniel to go, the lion did not bolt after Daniel.

In a few moments, Daniel reached another wall of the den. Surprised that he was still alive, Daniel stopped and listened. He did his best to subdue his tired, heavy breaths. "Standing in one spot is dangerous," Daniel thought as he began walking. The lion crept closely behind Daniel. As Daniel walked and prayed the lion stalked its prey.

Meanwhile, Daniel's eyes adjusted to the dark den.

(Pause for the following action.)

(The lion and Daniel enter from the right side of the screen and exit from the left side of the screen. Repeat this with several passes. Daniel crosses quickly as he prays. With each pass, the lion increases its speed. Still, the lion never reaches a running pace. Finally, the lion enters from the right side of the screen and exits from the left side of screen. Immediately, Daniel enters from the left side. Suddenly, he stops, looks back, looks at the audience, and mimes a yell.)

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