Deep In Sin

Cast Number: 3

Run-time:15 min.

Bible Reference: Romans 3:23

Categories: Mime
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This script shows how sin gets to be a sticky situation

Cast: 3 main characters plus any number of extras.

Props and Costumes: Two large boxes marked “Good Things” and “Sin”

Sample of script:

Person comes on stage, yawns, stretches, looks up at sun, squints, kicks at imaginary something on the floor, yawns again, bored.
Notices the two large boxes on the floor, looks inside the “Good Things” box, smiles, nods approvingly. Looks inside the “Sin” box, mimes “wow!”
Person is puts arm deep inside the “Sin” box when person stops, shocked, scared, looks around, holds hand to ear, there has been a voice.
Person looks around stage, under the boxes, everywhere, holds hands to the sides, palms up, puzzled look on face, shakes head, hand cupped to ear, “I don’t know what that was!”
Person “shakes it off,” goes back to “Sin” box, sticks hand in deep again. Again person reacts to an unseen sound. Looks around.
As person looks around, again reacts to a sound, backs up, crouches down, tries to hide. Teeth are chattering, shaking in fear, looks upward.
Mimes word: “God?” Mimes, yes, nodding head affirmatively, falls back again.
Person looks up, cups ear as though listening, registers surprise/pleasure, points index fingers upward, then to left side of chest where person draws a large heart, then points both index fingers to chest, to indicate “You love me?” Person would points to self, show shock, surprise that this is true, “who, me?” kind of reaction.
Person holds index finger up, deep in thought, listening. Points to “Good Things” box, points index fingers to chest, nods in agreement. Points to “Sin” box, points to chest, shakes head no, wags finger. Repeat this several times to clearly get across the fact that person can use everything in “Good Things” box, but must avoid the “Sin” box.
Person looks up, nods in understanding, happy, waves goodbye to God.
Turns to walk back to boxes.
Have it that the person passes “Sin” box on way to “Good Things” box.
Person obviously fears the “Sin” box, takes wide detour around that box, as this happens person looks up acknowledging to God that this is what is being done.
Person goes on to “Good Things” box, takes out various things, miming their use or value. These might include: eating a banana, driving a car, wearing a hat, playing with a bunny, playing the piano, typing on a computer. All the time the person is enjoying these activities.
Soon person begins to tire of these activities, starts eyeing the “Sin” box. After a number of furtive glances upwards toward God, then over to the “Sin” box, person kind of meanders over to “Sin” box, backs up to the box, opens the flap of the box with the hand behind person’s back.
Instant reaction as person “hears” God’s voice, falls backward in fear, gets on knees, asking forgiveness, miming “sorry!”
Person listens, looks upward, agrees, looks at “Good Things” box, points to self. Person looks at “Sin” box, shakes head no. Repeat to clarify to audience.

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