Extreme Love

Cast Number: 4

Run-time:15 min.

Bible Reference: John 15:12

Categories: Everyday Productions, Valentines/Love
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“If I can love when the world stops loving” Jesus wants us to love others in ways that are not always easy. In this christian skit we learn about loving to the extreme.

Cast:Speaking parts two people, any age, male or female
Non-speaking parts any number of people

Sample of script:

Tracy and the group are upstage at one side, miming arguing violently, (no sounds at all, but animated gesturing which clearly show conflict). After a short time Tracy gestures “frustration, he is leaving”, walks downstage to opposite side of stage where Donnie has been standing silently, head down, to indicate s/he is not an active part of the drama at that time.
Tracy: That does it, you guys! I don’t even want anything to do with you! And here I thought you were my friends! Some friends!
As Tracy walks away, the group hold out hand to Tracy, as if to keep Tracy from leaving. The group remain mainly frozen in their upstage position, reacting only subtly, (as indicated in the script), to the conversation between Tracy and Donnie. Note – at all times Tracy and Donnie will have their backs to the group.
As Tracy approaches, Donnie comes alive, looks at Tracy, Tracy opens the conversation.
Tracy: I give up on them!
Donnie: Them? Who’s them?
Tracy: The guys I thought were my friends.
Donnie: You thought they were your friends? I take it you no longer feel they are your friends?
Tracy: No. No, I don’t! You would not believe them!
Donnie: What happened to make you feel they are no longer your friends?
Tracy: Well, it’s what they did to me today.
Group look at each other, shake heads, show sorrow.
Donnie: But, I take it they did good things with you prior to today.
Tracy: I’m not even sure they ever really were my friends.
Donnie: But you called them your friends.
Tracy: I guess that just shows how wrong a person can be.
Donnie: Feel as though you were wrong about them?
Tracy: How long is this list of questions you have for me?
Donnie: How long do you want it to be?
Tracy: Do you always answer a question with a question?
Donnie: No, I don’t but . . . . hey you just did!
Tracy: There, you did it again! Answered a question with a question.
Donnie: Sorry, is that a bad thing?
Tracy: Very funny!
Donnie: Want to tell me about this problem between you and your friends?
Tracy: I told you they aren't my friends!
Donnie: No, actually you called them friends at the beginning, it was just later after you got steamed that you dropped the friend thing.
Tracy: Steamed? Do I look steamed?
Donnie: In a word? Yes you certainly do look steamed.
Tracy: That’s more than just one word.
Donnie: You are very perceptive.
Tracy: Thanks. I think.
Donnie: You still haven’t answered my question.

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