Freedom In Surrender

Cast Number: 2

Run-time:5 min.

Bible Reference: Matthew 6:13

Categories: Monologue, Music Enhanced Scripts, Prayer, Sermon Starter
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Theme:       The Lord’s Prayer (KJV) ends with, “For yours is the kingdom and the power and the glory, forever.” In this monologue with offstage voice of God we learn that ultimately all people shall surrender to God’s will.


Bible Reference:      Matthew 6: (KJV)


Cast:         2
Actor (m or f)
VOG (offstage male voice of God)


Set, Sound, Costumes:       standard


Suggested songs:    
“What You Want” by Tenth Avenue North
Take My Hand Precious Lord by Thomas E Dorsey


Time:        5 (without music)


Sample of script:


actor comes onstage, very loud, self-confident, talking to unseen person offstage


Actor:        Hey, for sure, catch ya another time, you bet!
Have yourself a good one, enjoy!
(pause, listening)
Look, I for sure would love to spend some more time, but you know how it is. . busy busy, for sure!
But hey, shoot me a text, I for sure won’t be too far away, we can meet up, for sure.


actor to centerstage, wanders, wastes time, looks at watch, bored


Actor:        I really should do something, nothing much exciting here.
Should really have stayed with the guys, had some laughs.
Maybe I’ll still go, they would love to have me.
Nah, they’ll be gone to their homes by now.
Must be nice to have a home, someone there to be with, talk with.
But hey, I am OK!
Do what I want, when I want.
Yep . . . I am real real good.
I am tired.
And God knows I am lonely!


VOG:        Yes I do.


actor jumps, shocked and scared


Actor:        Who?
Where did that come from?
Who are you?


VOG:        I am the one you were talking to.
I am God.
Do you see anyone else here?


Actor:        I don’t see anyone here . . .
What kind of joke is this?


VOG:        I assure you, God is no joke. . . . But then I think you already know that.
It’s been a while . . . back in Sunday School actually.
How are you Kim?


Actor:        How did you know my name?


VOG:        You are my child; why wouldn’t I know you?


Actor:        OK, this is getting way weird . . . You aren’t my Dad!


VOG:        No, not your Dad . . .  but your Father.
And you know I am God . . . we used to talk a lot . .  remember Kim?


Actor:        This is just bizarre! I mean, if you are God . . . and I am not saying you are . . . But if you are . .  you don’t live here in my apartment . . you live like . . in the Bible.

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