Cast Number: 3

Run-time:5 min.

Bible Reference: Matthew 6:19-21

Categories: Family, Mother, Mothers Day, Sermon Starter
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A family meet with a lawyer to review the estate of their mother, only to find that nothing that is left is really of any material value. What do we put our faith in? Do we put value on things hoping they will get more valuable? What a disappointment when material goods lose their value. We must know that God never loses His value.

Lawyer, Man & Woman

Lawyer: Thank you for coming today. Your mother’s will states you are her only heir and therefore her entire estate is yours.

Man: There won’t be too much cash, I know. Doctor bills took most of the available cash.

Lawyer: Yes, and I’m afraid the house carries a first and a second mortgage, as well.

Woman: Oh dear. How will we pay them off?

Lawyer: There's enough equity in the house to pay both off, but not much else.

Man: What about my mom’s antiques and things? I remember she and my grandmother collected a lot of stuff, and I know mom inherited grandma’s. They should be worth something.

Lawyer: I’m sorry to say, they aren’t worth much of anything.

Man: What do you mean not worth much of anything? She must have twenty different collections, old toys, dolls, dishes, glassware – all kinds of stuff. Surely those aren’t all worthless. I thought antiques always gained in value.

Lawyer: Well, perhaps at one time they did. I'm sure when your mother bought them, she thought they were good investments.

Woman: But they aren’t now?

Lawyer: (shakes his head “no”)

Woman: Are you saying that none of them have gained anything?

Lawyer: Not a one.

Man: How is that possible? People buy antiques all the time. What’s happened?

Lawyer: She bought collectibles not antiques. Interest in collectibles fluctuates. Some old toys, for instance, that had a high value a few years ago, are now coming down in price as interest wanes.

Woman: So, you’re saying all the things his mother collected no longer have any value??

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