Ill Stay With You

Cast Number: 3

Run-time:5 min.

Bible Reference: Ruth 4:16-18

Categories: Family, Mother, Mothers Day, Sermon Starter, Women
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A drama skit with a comedy twist as we learn of the servant relationship between Ruth and Naomi, her mother-in-law. Loyalty and love is the true value of family.
Drama focuses on the account from Ruth.

Naomi - older person
Ruth - mid-twenties
Orpah. - mid-twenties

Sample of script

Naomi: Look girls, there is no need and no reason for you to stay with me. I am your old mother-in-law but both of your husbands are now dead. I'm going back to my old home in Jerusalem, but both of you need to return to your families in Moab.

Orpah: But Naomi, we really don't want to go back to Moab. You have been good to us and we want to stay with you. Besides, I'm not crazy about going back to my brother, Benjamin. He's a shepherd and I'm allergic to sheep!

Ruth: Yeh, and I always wanted to visit Jerusalem in the tourist season. I want to get some collector spoons for my sister's kids.

Naomi: Look girls, I know what you are trying to do. You want to look after your old mother-in-law, but I really don't need your help. What you girls need are new husbands, to look after you when you are old. You've got to realize that I'm too old to have more sons. And besides, you girls would be too old to marry them if you did wait around.

Orpah: Not another word, Mom-in-law. We are going to stick with you no matter how tough things get. Not that things will get tough, I mean,. ... will they?

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