In The Seniors Season

Cast Number: 1

Run-time:6 min.

Bible Reference: Isaiah 48:4

Categories: Monologue, Seniors, Sermon Starter
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Theme:       In The Seniors Season, the season when bodies start to break down, the job is gone, friends and family are passing, all the things we once held dear are impossible or painful. What’s left when we get to the seniors season?
A monologue with some hurting humor.


Bible Reference:      Isaiah 48:4


Cast:         1 male, made to appear senior


Set, Sound, Costumes:       standard


Props:        cane, cell phone


Time:        6


Sample of script:      


actor comes slowly onstage, using a cane

starts to trip, recovers


Hey, whoa!

Just about went flat out off my feet there!

(looks around)

Some guy’s kid’s gone and left stuff layin’ about all over the home here, folks to trip over!

I tell ya!

Young people today they don’t look after their stuff, leave stuff everywhere, somebody’s gonna break a neck is what! . .  Can’t do that in an old folks home like this! . . . Me, I’m OK on account of my eyesight is like 20/20 on account of I am still young. But some of the old folks that live in here, they could get hurt!
Time was folks respected others. Back when I was a kid you’d never see young people leave their stuff layin’ around where decent folks can get hurt!

I tell ya, things they ain't like they used to be!

Folks ain’t like they used to be!

Nothin’s like it used to be!

Time was every day brought new adventure.

Oh sure, times they was tough at times.

But they was . . .  I dunno  . . . they was like . . . fun.

Fun’s flat out gone outta the world, seems like.

When’s the last time you seen anyone just flat out happy?

Happy ain't anywheres on the landscape anymore it seems.

Everybody knows it’s true.

Why just the other day old Elmer Reynolds he was sayin’ how the fun has just like drained outta life.

Mind you old Elmer he’s a complainer, know what I mean?

I tell ya, old Elmer he could see the dark side of a solid gold baby’s smile, he sure enough could!

It’s got so that no one really listens to old Elmer, no one takes him serious. If old Elmer comes around everybody acts like they’s busy, looks the other way.


Gotta tell ya, funniest thing you ever gonna see . . .

One day old Elmer he was walkin’ bye, head in the clouds like he always does, leanin’ on his big old cane, draggin’ his feet like he does, you seen him, right? . . . Well thing is, old Elmer he kinda went to trip, funniest thing you ever gonna see . . And old Elmer he starts screamin’ and roarin’ worst thing you ever did see, but funny like! . . . Says, “some kids gone and left things layin’ around where folks can . . . .”

Hey wait, hold on there, old Elmer he just like tripped on his big ol’ feet, there was nothin’ that caused old Elmer to . . .

Not like when I ‘most tripped here . .  when I ‘most tripped it was on account of some kid . . . likely maybe old Mary Dennison’s grandson that comes hangin’ around the home here . . .

Folks in charge here at the home they need to keep an eye on who comes, who goes, what they leave layin’ around.
I mean . . . that’s what made me ‘most fall . . .

Likely . . .

Maybe . . .

(pauses, sighs, looks upward)

Nah . . .

Not likely . . .

Fact is . . . just like old Elmer . . . I tripped.

Fact is . . . just like old Elmer . . .  I, too, am . . . old.

It’s the season.

The seniors season.

I’m in the seniors season.


Through my life I’ve always dreamed ahead.

Dreamed of what I was gonna do, what I was gonna be.

Funny thing . . .

I never thought I would ever be old.

Old was somethin’ other people did . .  not me.

Old was always someone fifteen years older than me.

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