Ive Just Seen Jesus human video

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Run-time:4 min.

Bible Reference: Luke 24

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I've Just Seen Jesus song by Sandi Patty and Larnelle Harris in Human video (mime to music, does not include video or music). Tells the story through those who were there at Calvary and at the tomb.

Sample of script:

at beginning all actors come on stage and will walk, slowly in long strides, in a clockwise circle around the C/T (cross / tomb), looking toward what is going on at the C/T, but as much as is possible keeping faces exposed to the audience in order to transmit emotions to the audience.

All eyes are focused on a spot somewhat above C/T, facial expression is fear and wonder

Before singing starts, position so that actors end up in semi-circle at sides and behind C/T, where they remain

We knew

at beginning of line shock starts to dominate faces

He was dead

all actors lean back from centerstage as though to get away from what is happening

hands outstretched, palms up, as though trying to keep from being impacted from what is going on face shows shock and fright

"It is finished!" He said

mime “no” hands outstretched, palms upward, shoulder height toward C/T

We had watched as His life ebbed away

palms up in supplication, shoulder height, on each of the words “watched”, “life” and “away” the hands will drop about 6” and the gaze will also move downward on each of those words

Then we all stood around

actors comfort each other, glancing back at “Jesus on the cross”

'Til the guards took Him down

actors recoil from the sight, hands slightly outstretched to C/T, as “the hands slowly lower the body to the ground level”

Joseph begged for His body that day

one actor steps forward, moves to downstage center location “where the guards would be”, hands cupped in front, moving toward his body as though pulling the body to himself, mimes “please”other actors show deep sorrow

It was late afternoon, When we got to the tomb

all actors again move in clockwise direction around C/Tpace the action so that actors are back in semi-circle around C/T at end of line

Wrapped His body

one or more actors on knees at centerstage location lovingly “wrapping, stroking” body while the other actors move in behind, assist, mourn, support

and sealed up the grave

actors slowly step backwards in uniform steps from C/T, mourning

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