Jonah Gilligan

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Run-time:15 min.

Bible Reference: Jonah:1

Categories: Children, Comedy, Human Video, Missions, Music Enhanced Scripts
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Miming Jonah's story to the tune of the old TV show, Gilligan's Island, theme song. Includes brand new, fun words written to the old song. Complete with reference to Ninevah, missions, whale. Can be done as singing and miming actions only, or props can be added as desired/able. Music clips can be found at various locations on the internet. (no music or video included)
This drama is to be mimed to the singing of this song, (to the theme song from the TV show, Gilligan’s Island).
While not essential, it is useful to have props: fish, gourd, worm, ship, and waves. The fish should have an opening in the belly for Jonah to look out at the audience. Note – have all of these props oversized for effect.

Cast: Jonah
Any number of people as sailors and Ninevites
(optional) Could have the singer(s) on stage as well, off to side

Costumes: Period costume for all actors

Sound: A midi file is available, contact DramaShare, also available on CD, order Note that we supply midi or CD music with only one verse to be repeated, the reason being that the length of time between verses may vary depending on the stage movement the director wishes to have between verses.

Set: A black background would help in setting off the various props, (optional).

Sample of script:

So, step right up and I'll tell a tale,
From many years ago,
When Jonah sought to escape the Lord
Cause the Lord told him go, yes, the Lord told Jonah to go.

Jonah comes on stage, mimes hearing the Lord, then trying to hide.

The Lord wanted Jonah for a special task
To Nineveh to go,
Tell the enemy, the Ninevites,
That God loved them so. Yes, God loved them so.

Jonah mimes running, looking over shoulder, takes “money” out of pocket, hands to sailor.

So Jonah ran away to Joppa town,
From the presence of the Lord
The fare to Tarshish he did pay,
T’was all he could afford, that’s all he could afford.

Jonah and sailors go behind ship prop, Jonah mimes sleeping, while sailors are “blown” about, fearful.

But the Lord sent out a terrible wind,
A mighty tempest He,
And all aboard that tiny ship
Feared they’d fall into the sea. Look out! We’ll fall into the sea.

Sailors hold waves prop, move it back and forth. Sailors draw lots, Jonah wakes up, “volunteers”

The sailors feared for their very lives
And they cast lots to see,
Who’d be the one thrown overboard,
Jonah was the one, said he, yes, “I am the one”, said he.

Sailors “throw” Jonah into the waves, waves stop immediately, sailors fall to their knees

The minute Jonah hit the waves,
The tempest did subside,
So every sailor on that ship
They gave the Lord their lives, yes, they gave the Lord their lives.

Bring fish prop on stage, move it head first, in front of Jonah

God still had a plan for Jonah,
So he sent a big, big fish.
With one big gulp it swallowed Jonah,
Though this wasn’t really Jonah’s wish, no, it wasn’t Jonah’s wish.

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