Joseph – Old Testament

Cast Number: 1

Run-time:10 min.

Bible Reference: Genesis 37

Categories: 9-10 Minute Scripts, Children, Sunday School
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We must avoid jealousy. The story about Joseph and the coat of many colours. The first part of the drama is spent with the children during the church service, then they procede to their S.S. class and continue lesson.

Sample of script:

Prior to Joseph entering the sanctuary, the pastor invites the children to come to the front of the church. The cue for the actor to enter are the pastor's words, "very special person".

Pastor says: This morning in church we have a guest coming to speak with you. This person lived many, many years ago. And he will be going to spend some time with you in Children's Church. Here he comes now!

Joseph enters sanctuary from side door:

Good morning! My name is Joseph. Do you see my coat? I am very proud of it. It was a gift from my parents. It was called "the coat of many colors". Unfortunately this coat was the cause of problems between my brothers and I. They were jealous of my coat. Do you know what it means to be jealous? . . .. .

It is when a person wants something that belongs to someone else. And that is wrong, isn't it? Well, my brothers wanted my coat so they decided to send me away to another country and to tell our father that I was dead.

You see, my brothers started out with the sin of jealousy and then they did another wrong thing, they lied to our father.

That happens so often doesn't it? One sin seems to lead to another sin. Soon things get worse and worse. We have to remember not to do that first wrong thing, don't we?

Let's go now to Children's Church and we will talk some more about my life, my coat of many colors, and what God was able to do through me.

Before we go, let's bow our heads and talk to God. "Father, thank you for these children and for their parents. Bless and protect them and help them to be pure as you intended. We pray in Your Name. Amen."

Joseph takes the hand of a couple of the smallest children and leads them all down the aisle and out the back doors of the sanctuary.

Joseph reads (or tells): I'm very happy to be with you children this morning.

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