Living Together

Cast Number: 3

Run-time:15 min.

Bible Reference: Hebrews 13:4

Categories: Family, Father
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A man and woman ask the man who has been a father figure to her for many years to bless their decision to live together without marriage. How will he react, and what will be his answer?

Cast: 3
Jim, older man, became Joann’s “father figure” after her own father’s death
Peter, Joann’s boy friend, likely mid 20’s or older
Joann, late teen or older

Set, lighting, sound, costumes: standard

Sample of script:

Jim is sitting in a chair reading newspaper, the doorbell rings, Jim stands, goes to the door, Joann and Peter come on stage, nervous, Jim and Joann embrace

Jim: Joann, sweetheart, good to see you, how have you been?

Joann: Hi Uncle Jim, . .fine, . . I am . . fine!

Jim, looks at Peter: And who is this?

Joann, nervous: Uncle Jim, this is . . Peter. . . my . . . ummm . . . friend.

Jim, hugs Peter: Peter, a good name, Greek, means “rock”. Peter, Jesus’ disciple, Jesus said upon this rock I will build my church.

Peter, nervously: Actually I wouldn’t know, I actually don’t go to church much, actually.

Jim, hesitates for a second: Oh, I see. . . . (to Joann) . . And how are things at Ebenezer hon?

Joann, nervous, looks back and forth between Peter and Jim: Umm, actually, I haven’t been at church for a few weeks, Peter and I have been kinda busy, visiting Peter’s family out of town on the weekends a lot of times.

Jim: Oh, I see. . . And how is your mom Joann?

Joann: Actually I haven’t seen as much of Mom the last while, like I said, Peter and I have been busy and . .

Jim: Wow, you have been preoccupied it seems.

Joann: Well, Peter and me, we have been, like . . . dating and . .

Jim: Dating huh? . . (to Peter, chuckles) . . . I bet Joann’s mom has laid down the law about dating her only daughter huh?

Peter, angry: Well, put it this way, she tried to lay down the law, . . . fact is I’m a bit beyond a teenager, . . . I don’t welcome that kind of comment.

Jim: Oh I see.

Joann: Uncle Jim, why we came, Peter and I, well, we are in love, we plan to be together.

Jim: I see. . . (takes Joann’s hand, examines it, smiles) . . . So I assume there will be a ring, wedding bells, soon huh?

Peter: You assume wrong.