Matters of The Heart

Cast Number: 2

Run-time:5 min.

Bible Reference: Matthew 6:33

Categories: Clowning, Mime, Valentines/Love
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Boy plays with girl's heart, but God repairs the damage. Giving your heart to God. Being completely transparent, honest and pure. A very popular script, written by: Youth With a Mission (YWAM) Rainbow Company, Korea Adapted by: David Suhs Published with permission.

Cast: 2 clowns (1 boy & 1 girl)

Props: None (Background music would be helpful. Seek Ye First is a good song.)

Sample of script:

Girl clown center stage in neutral position as music begins. Girl clown (G.C.) beings walking and then running in place.
G.C. pantomimes hearing a call from somewhere and discovers that it is heaven.
She questions--"who me, you're calling me?"
G.C. draws a heart above her left breast with index fingers of both hands.
G.C. seems to pull her heart from her body and offer it to heaven.
G.C. pantomimes taking her beating heart and offering it up to heaven. The beating heart is pantomimed by squeezing two hands together in a beating rhythm.
G.C. shows great joy and begins running, again, with her chest out in excitement.
Boy clown (B.C.) pantomimes running by G.C. and does a double take. He is attracted to G.C.
B.C. flirts with G.C.
B.C. draws a heart above his left breast with both index fingers of both hands.
B.C. indicates an exchange of hearts between G.C. and B.C.
G.C. indicates that she cannot do so because she has given her heart to God. (motions heavenward)
B.C. continues his advances to G.C.
G.C. finally gives in and asks God for her heart back.
G.C. presents her beating heart to B.C. (At first she is reluctant)
B.C. begins playing with G.C.'s heart; by playing catch; throwing higher and higher into the air; teasing G.C. with her heart by pretending to drop it.
GC. shows concern, worry, and then fear at B.C. carelessness.
B.C. finally in play, drop kicks G.C. heart and accidentally misses catching it.
B.C. realizes what he has done and slowly disappears leaving a shocked and broken G.C. and her heart behind.
G.C. begins to cry.
G.C. slowly collects the pieces of her broken heart in both hands.
G.C. shakes the heart pieces several times in her hands to try to get them beating again, but when she listens for a beat, there is none.
G.C. falls in a heap and continues to cry.
She hears a voice from heaven.
G.C. offers up the pieces to heaven.
Her heart slowly begins to beat again.
G.C. jumps for joy and offers her heart to God again.
G.C. begins running in place again.

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