Mom I Love You

Cast Number: 1

Run-time:5 min.

Bible Reference: n/a

Categories: Family, Mother, Mothers Day, Music Enhanced Scripts, Women
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Theme:       Tribute to mothers, to the tune of Whitney Houston’s “I Look To You”
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Bible Reference:     


Cast:         1 m or f


Set:          blank


Sound:       Whitney Houston “I Look To You”


Costumes:    standard


Props:        none


Special Instructions:   some adjustments will need to be done, depending on the singer


Time:        5 minutes


Sample of Script:


In this troubled world
With it’s cares and strife 
I wonder what to do 
And I wonder what is right 

Friends will come and go  
None will seem to stay 
Seems when times get really tough 
Who is there to save my day?

My Mom it’s you  
My Mom it’s you   

With your kindness and your smile 
With you my fears subside 

My Mom it’s you 
My Mom it’s you 


And throughout the lonely nights 
Your love still sees me through 

My Mom it’s you 

When I’m on my own 
And when I’m down and out 
Feeling that I’m alone 
And I’m crushed without a doubt

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