More Than A Baby

Cast Number: 1

Run-time:7 min.

Bible Reference: Luke 2

Categories: Bible Characters, Christmas, Monologue
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Monologue tells of a young shepherd who looks for the King announced to him by angels, and finds only a tiny baby in a dirty barn. The Christmas story through the uneducated but “opened” eyes of a shepherd boy.

Cast: 1 This drama involves one young adult male actor.

Costume: The actor, a shepherd in Biblical times, should be dressed in appropriate clothing.

Sample of script:

Scene opens as actor enters from stage left. He speaks aloud thoughts to himself throughout the drama. Spotlight is always on him.

Actor: Going? Now? Just like that? Okay, I guess I’ll just keep up with them! They wouldn’t tell me much anyway, being the youngest shepherd out here and all. I guess we do what the angel just said, right? Listen to me – I’m talking like this kind of thing happens everyday! An angel of the Lord appeared to us and told us all that the Son of God has finally come! He has been born to the world! Of course we have to go and see. What an honor! An honor I really didn’t think a grungy old shepherd would have.
Wait up, shepherds! I don’t want to miss this!

Light fades to dark for a brief moment, then comes back up, indicating time has passed.

Actor: I wonder if we’re there yet. It’s strange, you know? Not only are they not talking to me, but they aren’t even talking to each other. It’s as though no words could describe this journey we shepherds are taking.
Well, looks like we’re stopping for the night, it looks like. An old barn. Not the greatest accomodations as usual, but I guess if it’s good enough for the horses and pigs, it’s good enough for a lowly shepherd to lay his head for the night.
Oh, looks like this stable has already been claimed by some other weary travelers. Oh well, on to the next stop.

Turns around to go back out but stops to turn back again.

Why aren’t they coming? For once I thought they would want to keep up the pace! Come on, guys, we’ve got a King to see! I’ve never been in a palace before, let’s go! What’s taking them so long in there? (Peering in.) Why are they bowing down?

Slowly goes inside.

Wow! Looks like these travelers found shelter just in time! That’s a brand new baby right there! Poor thing, all they could find for a bed was an eating trough used by animals. Such a shame, for a baby’s soft skin to be poked with all that straw.

Looking up and moving back.

Oh, sorry, ma’am. I sometimes forget how low we shepherds are, and people sure wouldn’t want a grubby ol’ shepherd peering at their kids.

Looks up again.

The lady is smiling at me. I think she wants me to come and see her child. The other guys aren’t pulling at me as usual, so I guess it would be alright.

Moves a few steps closer.

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