Of One Mind

Cast Number: 1

Run-time:5 min.

Bible Reference: Acts

Categories: Bible Characters, Monologue
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At one time or another many people came to help Paul in preaching the word of God. But one of these, Silas, was very, very special, and he became a special friend and co-worker with Paul.
How did they become friends you ask?
Were they alike?
No, actually, in most ways Paul and Silas were very different.
Paul was loud and aggressive, Silas quiet and calm.
Paul was a small man, Silas a mountain of a man.
But there were similarities as well

Cast: 1 m or f

Costumes: likely traditional

Sample of script:

actor, asking question:

Someone asked about Paul and Silas?
Well I want to tell you, you came to the right place, asked the right person is what!
I was there, from the beginning, I saw it all.
Oh, forgive me, my name is Martha. (Matthew if male)
I was a disciple . . still am, far as that’s concerned.
You will have to forgive me, sometimes I think we live too much in the past.
I was a disciple of Jesus Christ, the Nazarene, the Messiah.
(looks out into audience as though being asked a question)
Yes, yes, he was crucified some time back, in Jerusalem, at the time of the Passover.
(again looks into audience as though fielding a question)
Why would I still be hanging around after the Messiah was crucified?
Where have you been? You mean you haven’t heard the news, the news of the resurrection?
Or might it be that you have heard and have chosen to not believe?
See, that’s the reason we are here, to explain to folks like you the pure facts, as I saw them with my own eyes.
(looks into audience, pauses)
Yes, of course I was there at the crucifixion. I watched him die.
(shakes head in disbelief)
You truly are a disbeliever aren’t you?
Related to Thomas by chance?
(laughs, holds up hand)
Sorry, an inside joke.
But fact is that, yes, I did see him die. And I was destroyed, I felt as though there was no more meaning to life.
Ah, but then, three days later!

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