Pray for Dons Cheese

Cast Number: 6

Run-time:5 min.

Bible Reference: Romans 8:26

Categories: Comedy, Prayer, Sermon Starter
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A prayer chain gone "bad" when the prayer request, and often the recipient as well, changes with each time told. Keeing integrity in our prayers. Getting all the facts correctly, and honestly bringing them in prayer.

Sample of script:

Scene opens with Doris walking on to the stage and standing in the center. She brings out an imaginary book from her pocket and begins to “read”. As she is “reading”, Andrew enters at stage left.

Andrew, out of breath, Doris! I’m so glad I found you! I’ve been searching everywhere!

Doris What’s the matter, Andrew? You’re all out of breath!

Andrew I know, I’ve been running all over the place looking for you! I had to give you the news.

Doris What news? Is it serious?

Andrew I’m afraid so. You see, it’s Ron. He’s having trouble with his knees again.

Doris Ron’s knees!

Andrew Yes. You know the details, so I thought I should get the prayer chain going on this. Please pass this on! I have to go find more people!

Doris Oh, of course, Andrew! I will be on the lookout for people to pray for Ron’s knees.

Andrew exits stage right.

Doris, praying Dear Lord, please be with Ron right now as he is dealing with the pain in his knees. Lord give him the strength and endurance that only You can provide. Amen. (Looking around.) Okay, I have to find some more people to pray.

Barbara enters stage left.

Doris Barbara! Come here! I have to talk to you!

Barbara What is it, Doris? Hope nothing awful has happened!

Doris I’m afraid it is pretty bad. I need to get the prayer chain going. So please pray for (slowly) Ron and his knees, and pass it on to anyone else that you see. I have to go find others to pray.

Doris exits stage left.

Barbara, calling after Doris: Absolutely, Doris! You can count on me to pray! Okay, I better get busy. (Praying.) Dear God. Thank you for such a beautiful day today. But God, I understand it’s not so beautiful for some people. People like Fawn, God. It’s never easy losing your keys, God, so please be with Fawn as she searches high and low for them. Give her patience and a good memory to remember where she left them. Thank you, amen. Now, I better find someone else to pray, too.

Greg enters stage right.

Barbara Hi, Greg! Just the person I was looking for!

Greg How can I help. Barbara?

Barbara Well, we need you to pray and find anyone else to pray, too.

Greg Sure. What should I pray for?

Barbara Please pray for, (slowly), Fawn’s keys.

Barbara exits stage left.

Greg, praying Dear Jesus. (Very serious.)I thank you for providing understanding to many of life’s complexities. Jesus, I realize that we are not always going to understand everything, and that’s okay. Like this prayer, for example. I’m not sure of the situation regarding Shawn’s trees. Perhaps they have been overtaken by a

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