Pretty Paper

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Run-time:3 min.

Bible Reference: n/a

Categories: Christmas, Family, Mother, Women
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Mom struggles with her emotions, and motivation, as she wraps the presents for Christmas. In all the busyness do we think of Jesus at all?

Sample of script:

Once again time to do a holiday task and everyone disappears from the house. The kids actually said they needed to do homework at a friends house. I was impressed they remembered to take their school books to make it look real. And Steve said a friend needed help putting snow tires on or some such thing dealing with cars that Steve knows nothing about.

But that is okay. I might be able to get all the gift wrapping done before they get back. And anyway this is normally a mom job to do by herself.So paper, tissue paper, boxes, bows, ribbons, name tags, pens and tape oh yeah and the gifts. At least this year a few of the gifts don’t have to be wrapped.

I did what I suggested to Steve. His Aunt June is getting a casserole and stew divided up into individual servings and so we will just give June a card stating that her gift is in the freezer for her. Hopefully she will appreciate that gift.

The kids, a few outfits whether they like them or not plus a few cd’s they requested. But also a gift of the whole family going to Lake George water park for the winter break of school.

Steve, clothes for work, a dinner certificate and a few odds ends. And yes I bought some friends “stuff” but tried to be more personal with them. One friend became a widow last year so this year I am giving her a pendent with a picture of her husband in it. She wears his wedding band around her neck, now a picture can go with it.

Okay, so let’s get wrapping. (pause)

Okay motivation, come on and hit me. Let’s get this done.

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