Rhoda At The Door

Cast Number: 1

Run-time:4 min.

Bible Reference: Acts 12:1-19

Categories: Bible Characters, Monologue, Sermon Starter
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Theme:       A relatively unknown woman was used in a dramatic way to help illustrate an incredible miracle where Peter was amazingly released from prison. All we really know of Rhoda is that she was a (likely servant) girl in the home of John Mark’s mother Mary’s home.
Written by Valerie Daramola


Bible Reference:      Acts 12:1-19


Cast:         1


Set:          blank


Sound:       as available


Costumes:    likely traditional


Time:        4


Sample of script:


actor comes onstage


Hello all.

I’m so excited!

I don’t think I’ve been this excited since Peter came knocking at the door.

We had been praying all night long.

I mean, we had been really praying all night long.

Some of the people at John Mark’s mother’s house were sitting in chairs praying or laying on the floor praying or walking around the house praying, but we were all praying.

I was trying to make sure everyone had water so I had to keep going out for the pail and refilling the bucket, but all the while I was praying.

Peter was in jail and we knew the only way he would be released would be for us to seek God in prayer.

You know that James had already been executed.

Herod hated all the Christians. Now he was going to kill Peter. And even though God did not deliver James, we still prayed. We knew that He was listening to our prayers, but we also understood that whatever happened would be in His will.

But do you know what happened?

While we were praying, I heard someone knock at the door.

Everybody else just kept praying, but all the time I was waiting for Peter to come. I was expecting God to let him go free, I guess, because James did not. Anyway, I ran to the door and I heard Peter saying it was him and he wanted us to open the door. I don’t know how he knew we were praying for him or if he just came because that is the way God led him, but, boy was I excited!

I was so excited, I forgot to open the door!

I ran back into the house and told everyone that Peter was at the door!

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