Simon of Cyrene

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Run-time:20 min.

Bible Reference: Matthew 27:32

Categories: Bible Characters, Easter, Monologue
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a visitor to Jerusalem is caught up in the affairs of Easter. This monologue describes the incredible events that took place when he, Simon of Cyrene, was forced to carry the Master's cross. The love and blessing that Jesus gave to Simon had an everlasting effect on him. He went from a stranger to a believer. One of our most popular monologues

Sample of script:

Simon of Cyrene is a figure who affords only one verse of scripture.
He was a faithful Jew living in Northern Africa. Some speculate that he was black. This is probably not true because one of his sons' name was Rufus (Red).
As a faithful Jew who had been scattered during the exile, he returned to his homeland for the feast of the passover.
Let us use our imagination.
Let's imagine we are in Africa when he returned to Cyrene to talk to his two sons -- Alexander and Rufus -- about the things that happened on his trip.
Let's realize that they are Jews -- not Christians.
Remember also that we know the story of Jesus but they had never heard it at all.
Simon speaks:
Boys, come sit down.
I just have to tell you what happened on my trip to Jerusalem.
The reason I'm home early is because I just had to hurry to tell you.
As you know, I didn't leave as early as I wanted.
You remember how nothing seemed to go right that morning as I packed to leave.
And, as you could expect, the more I hurried, the slower I got.
When I neared Jerusalem I was running way behind schedule.
I had missed so many things.
I knew that I had to hurry because I had to make housing arrangements -- which isn't easy during passover.
You know how it is when you're hurrying --- there are always problems.This time the problem was a traffic jam.
I was not far from the place outside Jerusalem called "Golgotha" because it looks like a skull.
Right ahead of me was a huge mob of people. It looked like they might be watching a parade.
I had no time to wait so I pushed my way through the crowd.
When I got to the front of the crowd, I found myself next to the road.
There in the distance I could see a man trying to carry a cross.
He had been badly beaten.
Boys, I've seen lots of beatings but I've never seen one this bad before!
It was all he could do to carry his cross -- in fact he would never have made it up to Golgotha.
I didn't know what to make of it.
But then I saw some people I recognized.
They were devout Jews.
I had met them on previous trips to Jerusalem.
I pushed my way over next to Ananias who was a Pharisee -- a very Godly man and I asked him, "What is happening?"
He said, "This man thinks he is the son of God!"
That made me so mad, that I shouted in a loud voice and shook my hand...
Ananias also said, "He calls himself the King of the Jews."
I couldn't control myself.
I shouted many things:
As I continued to shout, he and the soldiers were drawing near to me.
Right in the middle of my shouting, and I guess I was just about out of my head, one of the soldiers reached out and grabbed my arm.
This man had just fallen again.
The soldier said, "Carry this Cross!"
Well --- I hated to carry that cross.
First of all I was late.
I didn't have time for interruptions.
Besides, he should have to do it himself.
Nevertheless, I had no choice.
So, with anger, impatience and many other emotions all worked up,I bent over to pick up the cross

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