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Run-time:6 min.

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Categories: Bible Characters, Christmas, Monologue
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Zechariah is gripped with fear by the angel's message. Doubt, disobey, mute, disbelief turn him . . . well, . . . speechless.

Sample of script:

Zechariah comes on stage from upstage so that as the lights gradually come up he is there

Yes, I was! I was gripped by fear!
I, Zachariah, at the pinnacle of my career as a temple elder, had just received the most prestigious, once in a lifetime honor, the right to serve in the temple. Most men went through their whole life with never being granted this offer. Oh, yes, truly Jehovah had blessed me. The highest temple honor! You should have heard the jealous tongues wagging in the village! Especially the widow Miriam, she was most outspoken of all. Her son Levi was the one most people expected to receive this honor.
“What credentials does Zachariah have,” shouted out Miriam to all who would listen. “Such an honor wasted on the husband of a barren woman!”
Such jealousy! Yes it was true, my wife Elizabeth was unable to have children. But we constantly prayed that God might bless us with a child.It was hard being the husband of a childless wife. Men talked behind my back, made jokes. And since a large number of children, a full quiver, is equated with all things desirable in Jewish men, it was not unusual for prospective customers to avoid a merchant based on his childless state.
As a business man I knew this all too well.
My most vigorous competitor, Levi, he would say, “You would probably not want to entrust your business matters with Zachariah”, and again he would say, “Zachariah is not even able to produce a daughter, let alone a son.”
Elizabeth prayed constantly for God’s blessing. As did I. In fact, I was in prayer when the angel appeared to me.

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