Thank You Dad

Cast Number: 4

Run-time:8 min.

Bible Reference: Psalm 30

Categories: Family, Father, Fathers Day, Sermon Starter
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Theme:      Being thankful comes in many forms, some good, some not so much.
What does God expect in thanks from his people?
Thanksgiving and gratitude, humility versus pride
Three “sons/daughters” display different degrees of thanks


Bible Reference:     Psalm 30


Cast:        4
3 actors (m or f)  and an offstage male voice (VOD Voice of Dad)


Set:         none


Lighting, sound, costumes:   standard


Time:        8




Terry comes on stage, VOD (Voice of Dad) is heard


VOD:        Hey Terry, how’s your day going?


Terry:        Oh hi Dad, it's OK, busy.


VOD:        What about that rain this afternoon?


Terry:        A real pain, I was planning to have some friends over, sure messed me up!


VOD:        Well you were complaining about the hot weather yesterday, I thought you might appreciate the rain to cool things off.


Terry:        Well that’s the way things go, one day so hot that a guy, like, cooks, next day can’t do anything on account of rain!


VOD:        Sorry, son, but with all the fun things you have to work and play with, I didn’t think it would matter, a little rain, or some heat.


Terry:        Well, thing is there’s like no happy medium it seems. And I need some new games, maybe a new four-wheeler.


VOD:        But Terry, I thought you had a four-wheeler.


Terry, mocking:     
Yeh, a 350cc. No one drives a 350cc anymore; it's all like 750 and bigger.


VOD:        Sorry, I thought you liked it when I got it for you . . .


Terry:        Oh, it's OK, for a smaller unit, and I appreciate all you did, but . .


VOD:        Did you have a good time with Tracy? I suggested that she go over and spend some time with you.


Terry:        Dad, Tracy is like so fifties!


VOD:        “Fifties”?


Terry:        Right outta touch.


VOD:        Sorry, I . . .


Terry:        Like I say Dad, it's not that I am complaining, it's just . . .


VOD:              Really? You sound a lot like I do when I am complaining.


Terry:        Look Dad, I am kinda busy right now, maybe we could . . .


VOD:        Sorry, didn’t mean to interfere, I . . .


Terry:        Later Dad, OK?


VOD:        Sure, later Terry.

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