Thankful Times

Cast Number: 3

Run-time:6 min.

Bible Reference: 1.Thessalonians 5:18

Categories: Sermon Starter, Thanksgiving
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Theme:       Thanking God for the hard times as well as the good times. Now that is for sure a tough one! It is easy to give thanks for things overcome – but so much more difficult to give thanks during sickness, economic downturns or where things are slow to be resolved.


Bible Reference:     1Thessolonians 5:/p>


Cast:         3 (m or f, likely middle age but could be any age)


Set, Lighting, Sound, Costumes:     standard


Props:        none


Time:        6




actors come on stage talking


Lindsey:      So anyhow, I was thankful Tony offered to get my computer problems figured out for me.


Marty:       Don’t talk to me about computers Lindsey; computers are one activity that is sure to give me a huge headache!


Dawn:       Not me guys, I have zero problems with computers.


Marty:       I didn’t know you had a computer Dawn.


Dawn:       I don’t have a computer, that’s why I have zero problems with computers. . .  And since I don’t have a computer I am headache-free and, (sing song), happily thankful.


Lindsey:      Sorry Dawn, I don’t think it would be possible to function in today’s world without a computer.


Marty:       I am afraid you are right Lindsey . . . . Love them or hate them, computers are here to stay.


Lindsey:      There’s no doubt about that Marty. . . . I’ve been one day without my computer and I am already realizing how much I depend on the computer for everyday duties around the house.


Marty:       I know, I am for sure thankful for our computer; it really helps me keep in touch with family and friends.


Dawn:       I got a neighbor of mine across the street, Jean Riddell, she’s in the hospital right now. When I went to visit her she was going on about how thankful she was to have a computer.


Marty:       I can sure see that, a person in the hospital, having a computer would sure make time pass much faster.


Dawn:       I guess, but she’s got cancer, the prognosis isn’t good, in fact she was told she had maybe three months to live. How can anyone be thankful for computers or anything else in that condition?


Lindsey:      I know Jean; she was part of my Bible study. And Jean is for sure the most thankful person I have ever known, her faith is very strong. Her favorite Bible passage is from 1Thessalonians: . . . “Give thanks in all circumstances.”


Dawn:       Give thanks when you are dying from an ugly disease like cancer? . . . What does that leave you being thankful for?


Marty:       Hard to imagine how anyone in that condition could be thankful for anything . .  or why.


Dawn:       It simply doesn’t make sense to be thankful in cases where life seems to be full of discouragement, disappointment, disease, disaster, even death.


Lindsey:      I think we can thank God in every circumstance when we know God is in control; when we have proven to our own satisfaction that God can bring good out of evil and misfortune.


Dawn:       Sorry Lindsey but that just doesn’t add up, and it doesn’t answer the basic question! . .
(spoken more firmly)
How can we be thankful in cases when everything is falling apart and terrible things are happening to us.


Marty:       I have to agree with what Dawn is saying Lindsey. . . . In the midst of terrible happenings it simply doesn’t make sense to be saying . . . “Thank you God for bringing me this disaster!”


Lindsey:      But that is not what the Bible passage is saying. . .
The passage isn’t  . .
“Give thanks . . . for  . . . all circumstances.”

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