The Good King

Cast Number: 9

Run-time:45 min.

Bible Reference: Luke 2

Categories: Children, Christmas, Christmas Sunday School Programs
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A group of teens and pre-teens are being presented with the opportunity of yet another church Christmas skit, (and dreading every minute of it). This drama combines an original DramaShare song with the old “Good King Wenceslas” carol, and combines some humour along with a deep in-depth examination of what the songwriter had in mind when the Wenceslas words were written.
King Wenceslas was a “hands-on” servant king, as was Jesus during his ministry, what lesson can we learn from all this today?

Cast: 9 (likely teen and pre-teen, may be m or f, ages shown are approximate)
Colbee, 17 f very all-together person
Daphne, 12 f
Erica, 12 f
Mary, 11 f
Allison, 11 f
Taylor, 10 f not impressed with Alex
Alex, 9 m cousin of Connor
Connor, m 9 cousin of Alex
Rosie, f 9

Set: likely blank scene or church hall

Music: Original song, “The Good King” © DramaShare, can be accessed by DramaShare members from the “TECHNICAL HELP” link, “Script Songs” dropdown at the DramaShare site.
“Good King Wenceslas” carol available at many internet locations including We have created a more user-friendly version midi file for DramaShare members which is available from the “TECHNICAL HELP” link, “Script Songs” dropdown at the DramaShare site.
Original music, “Musical Interlude” can, (at the discretion of the director), be played VERY SOFTLY as background while Colbee is speaking between verses of “The Good King”. This music can be accessed by DramaShare members from the “TECHNICAL HELP” link, “Script Songs” dropdown at the DramaShare site.

Sample of script:

all actors, (except Colbee), are standing around chatting

Alex: Where’s Colbee?

Rosie: Mrs. Belk wanted to talk to Colbee about our church Christmas program.

Allison, worried: That sounds like trouble!

Connor: What’s wrong with talking to Mrs. Belk about the Christmas program?

Allison: Well all I can say is I for sure hope we aren’t forced to do another Christmas skit this year.

Mary: Remember the skit last year?

Daphne: Called “While Shepherds Watched Their Flocks” as I recall.

Taylor, upset: OK Alex Anderson, go for it . . you never once missed a chance to clown around about the name of the skit before, so go for it!

Alex, laughing: “While Shepherds Washed Their Socks” . . .

Taylor: There now, that’s been said, don’t you dare ever say it again or I just might hurt you bad Alex Anderson!

Rosie: Well the skit wasn’t really so bad, I mean, . . except for wearing those beards that is!

Erica: And Connor never stuck to using his own beard . . . and he got the inside of the beards all wet and yucky!

Connor: I did not!

Rosie: Did too! . . . Just because of you, Connor Anderson, the beards were just full of boy germs! . . . (makes a face) . . Yuck!

Alex: Just ‘cause Connor and me were the only boys in the play all you girls went and blamed us for everything!

Erica: Of course we blamed you for everything Alex . . You two were the ones who always messed up on everything!

Connor: I sincerely felt we were the stars of the show.

Alex: I agree Connor, for sure we did bring a touch of class to the performance.

Erica: Wake up to reality you two! . . . Colbee was the best of the best . . .

Taylor: Colbee is so good at acting!

Colbee comes on stage

Colbee: What a nice thing to say Taylor! . . Thank you! . . And I have good news! . . Mrs. Belk has a new skit idea for us to do for the Christmas program!

Erica: Oh man!

Connor: What is it this time?

Alex: Is it “When Shepherds Washed Their Socks, the sequel”?

Taylor: I warned you Alex Anderson!

Allison: Awww, Colbee, didn’t you try to talk Mrs. Belk out of yet another Christmas skit?

Daphne: I think it will be kinda nice to do a skit again this Christmas . . I mean . . kinda.

Rosie: I just hope there’s not too many lines for me to memorize, I am not real good at memorizing.

Mary: Oh Rosie, you always do super-well; you will be just fine, just wait and see.

Taylor: What’s the skit about this year Colbee?

Colbee: Called “Good King Wenceslas”.

Erica: Good King what?

Colbee: It’s about a king that lived way back in the 10th century.

Connor: Likely my Grandpa would have known that king fella.

Taylor: Connor Anderson, you and your cousin Alex are like first class pains! . . In case you didn’t realize it, the 10th century is like a thousand years ago!

Alex: Wow! . . That was even before Grandpa!

Rosie: Look on the bright side . . no shepherds . . no beards.

Colbee: I am excited . . There is this nice old carol song for us to sing.

Taylor: And, Colbee, that makes you excited . . for what reason?

Mary: What Taylor means is . . .

Alex: To put it nicely . . . you can’t sing Colbee . . .

Daphne: Alex, that isn’t nice!

Alex: When it comes to Colbee’s singing I can’t be nice and honest at the same time Daphne.

Colbee: That’s OK Daphne, I realize that I need some help with singing, that’s why I am so thankful that you guys are such incredible singers.

Alex puts his arm around Colbee’s shoulder

Alex: Stick with me Colbee, I will teach you how to sing. . . You may not realize it but I was the guy who gave Justin Timberlake his voice.

Taylor: And Justin has been trying to get rid of it ever since.

Colbee, handing out papers: I have copies of the song for everyone.

actors read song, react

Alex: Seems like a good first line . .
Good King went to class, looked out . . .

Taylor: OK, that did it Alex Anderson!

Rosie: Chill you two! . . . What’s the feast of Stephen?

Colbee: It was a day to honour Stephen, the first Christian martyr, and it was celebrated on December 26th.

Connor: What’s with “hither page and stand by me”?

Alex: That’s easy, it was an electronic book, one that responded to voice messages.

Allison: This happened a gazillion years ago . . electronic books weren’t around for, like . . a gazillion years after the 10th century!

Mary: “Yonder peasant”?

Alex: Likely meant some kind of pheasant, just a typo, no big deal.

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