The Peacemaker

Cast Number: 3

Run-time:3 min.

Bible Reference: Matthew 19:19

Categories: Children, Clowning, Mime
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Love your neighbor. A clowing script by Frances Townsend & David Suhs  Used with their permission.

Sample of script:

Production Notes: Suggested use: Children's Church or Children's Sermon, Vacation Bible School. This could also be used in a public school setting. Music: Lively clown music such as kaleiope

Two clowns enter from opposite sides. They ignore each other. Each plays alone, juggling, playing ball, hand puppet, etc., as they move about the stage. Clowns accidentally bump into each other.

Clowns show anger and frown. Clowns put hands on hips and jut their chins out. Clowns then remain face to face but move in a circle threateningly till back in the first position.

Clown 1 slightly pushes Clown 2's shoulder.

Clown 2 pushes Clown 1. Clown 1 pushes again, harder. Clown 2 responds likewise.

Clowns grimace and clench their fists. Begin to spar.

Clown 3 enters during the fight and observes until they actually begin to spar. Clown 3 then approaches Clowns 1 & 2 and stops the fight.

Clowns 1 & 2 step apart so Clown 3 is in the center. They are still frowning. Clown 3 mimes the explanation of a duel. Then places Clowns 1 & 2 back to back

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