Widow Of Nain

Cast Number: 1

Run-time:6 min.

Bible Reference: Luke 7:11-19

Categories: Bible Characters, Monologue, Sermon Starter, Women
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Theme:       This monologue tells about Jesus giving back the life of the son of the widow of Nain.

Bible Reference:     Luke 7:17


Cast:         1 woman


Set, Lighting, Sound: standard


Costumes:   likely traditional


Time:       6


Sample of script:      


actor comes on stage, grief stricken


My son! . . My only son!

Snatched away from me!

And me a widow! Alone!

With no one to support me.

Who wants an old woman, a poor old woman, especially one with no sons?

I would now be forced into a life of begging. . . Or worse.

It would be just me and the wild dogs, at the back doors of the homes of the rich, fighting for table scraps.

shakes head, disbelieving

My beautiful son Eli.


How did it all happen?

Eli and some of his friends, full of life, went to the Sea of Galilee, to work on a fishing boat.

I missed my son. . . my heart was lonely . .  waiting for his return.

And return he did, . . . but with his body burning with fever.

I did what I could.

But two days later he was . . dead.

With the little money I had, I arranged for his burial, the coffin, and I paid for the mourners.

More than what could be expected for the son of a poor widow.

Regardless, . . my son, even in death, would have dignity!

And so, with mourners and friends in tow, we began the procession from my home to the grave.

At the town gates we encountered a group of travellers, their mirth and happiness colliding with the hurt and hopelessness of our funeral procession.

I demanded to know what heartless scoundrels would desecrate a funeral procession, would cause this widow’s deepest pain.

I was informed that this noisy and tattered group had been travelling around Israel, following their spiritual leader, one Jesus ben Joseph of Nazareth.

Word was that a few days previous the group had been visiting in Capernaum. There a rich and powerful synagogue ruler, Jairus by name, came to Jesus, begging him to revive his dead daughter.

Understand . .  the daughter was . . . dead!

Officially dead!

As dead as my beloved son.

And . . .

And this Jesus somehow brought the girl back to life!

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