Win the Race – Follow Jesus

Cast Number: 6

Run-time:10 min.

Bible Reference: John 17:3

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Winning the race with God’s grace.
This is one segment of a 5 part drama designed for VBS or children’s camp, uses the theme of car racing to focus on finding your purpose in life, compares the use of a pace car in a race to following the lead of Jesus.
This segment tells of finding your focus by knowing and following Jesus
Five racers, (Andi Airhead, Randy Ratchet, Ted Tirechanger, Wendy Wrench, Trudy Treadwear), are joined by a racer wannabe, singer Laps the Racer. The result is silliness with a message.

Set: none really necessary, but race car paraphernalia would be useful

Costumes: car racing costumes would be useful

Sound: there is an on-going song done to the tune of “Oh I Never Shall Marry” and it sung (very badly and off key) by Laps, who (badly) accompanies himself on the guitar.

Sample of script:

Knowing and following Jesus

Andi, Randy, Ted, Wendy and Trudy come on stage talking

Andi: Like you said Trudy, the whole race season really comes down to the next big race.
Randy: Nothin’ wrong in that really Andi, that’s kinda the way it should be, one mega race, winner take all.
Ted: Whoooeee! Excitin’ is what Randy! Smell’a oil and burnin’ tire rubber . . . it just doesn’t get much better’n that!
Wendy: After all Ted, isn’t this what we all race for?
Trudy: For a fact Wendy, and, of course, to get my name on the big prize. I can see it all now, (mimes holding up a trophy), right there on the big trophy, “Winner – Trudy Tirewear!
Laps comes strolling on stage, strumming guitar and singing,(tune “Oh I Never Shall Marry”), other actors watch, only mildly interested

Laps: Oh they call me a racer
I bin racin' long time
For sure I'm a legend
Only in my own mind.

sees audience, reacts

Laps: Heydee ho race car enthusiasts and otherwise hip and happy folks!Laps the Racer here.
other actors look at Laps with blank look
Laps: Laps . . . the Racer here . . . I’m sure you have heard of me.
Andi: Actually I haven’t Laps, but pleased to know you . . I am Andi Airhead, (points to Randy), that there is Randy Ratchet, (points to Ted), and there’s none other than Ted Tirechanger, (points to Wendy), and I am sure you’ve heard of Wendy Wrench, (points to Trudy), and last but no way least is racer of the week, Trudy Treadwear.
Laps: Wha’d’ya mean, never heard of me?
My name is on everyone’s lips.
My adoring public follows me around day and night.
I am here to win the big race . . .
Way I see it I am pretty much a shoo-in to win.

Andi clears throat, Laps reacts

Laps: Well, I mean, there’s you and the other racers here too I mean and . .
Andi: Thanks for noticing.
Randy: Just who, or what, is Laps the Racer?
Laps, sings: Let me sang you the answer to that question
(Laps clears his throat, prepares to sing)
Me, me, me, me
Oh they call me a racer
I bin racin' long time
For sure I'm a legend
Only in my own mind.
I was borned in Daytona
My first race in KC
All the races I sure know
Cause they’re like home to me

Ted: OK, I’ll ask, . . . if you are such a great racer, adoring fans all over, your name on everyone’s lips, why haven’t we ever heard of you, Laps the Racer?
Laps: Cause racin’s only half of what I do. Me, I’m a race car driver, but when I’m not burnin’ rubber I’m a sanger.
Wendy: A “sanger”?
Laps: Yep, shore am. Me, I’m a sanger sangin’ songs.
Trudy: On purpose?
Laps: Yep, pretty much so.
Trudy: A shame that, actually.

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