Without Excuse

Cast Number: 9

Run-time:20 min.

Bible Reference: John 3:16

Categories: Everyday Productions
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judgement. Some see acts of cheating as just a little bit guilty, others know they are guilty but have made restitution. Guilty with forgiveness. That is how God sees our lives. He took the guilt away through His Son and offered forgiveness in return.

Sample of script:

all except Judge are on stage, Jessop is in the audience

Bailiff: All rise, Supreme Court is now in session, Judge Peters presiding.all stand while judge walks in, sits down

Bailiff: You may be seated.

Judge: Good morning all, a busy schedule I see. Just prior to getting down to business, however, a housekeeping comment relative to yesterday’s proceedings. Those who were in attendance in my court yesterday may recall a heated discussion regarding admissibility of ignorance as basis for innocence. To avoid confusion, and delay of the court’s time, I believe it would be prudent to restate the facts of law. In the eyes of the law the indisputable fact is that ignorance shall in no situation be considered as a defence. While we may have great empathy for those who have failed to acquaint themselves with points of law, all who appear before this court shall be judged solely on circumstances surrounding the case alone, it shall be assumed that all citizens have taken it upon themselves to apprise themselves of the law of the land.

Defender rises, signals to the judge

Defender: Your Honour, may it please the court, a question of clarification, if I may.

Judge: Counsellor, your question, although I do insist that you keep it brief.

Defender: Thank you, Your Honour. We certainly can not argue that under normal circumstances a citizen shall, as Your Honour has touched upon, take it upon his or herself to become aware of the law. However, as Your Honour is eminently aware, circumstances are not always “normal”. One could point to an immigrant coming to this land, without benefit of language or experience in matters of this jurisdiction. Surely Your Honour would not hold such a person to be guilty of an error in law when he had no preparedness to know the law?

Judge: Counsellor, let us examine this hypothetical client for whom you have such overwhelming compassion. One would assume that this person has, one way or another, managed to function within the framework of this society since arriving here: obtaining employment, managing basic commerce as to the buying and selling of goods and services. This being the case, how can this court hold that this same person somehow lacked skills to ascertain right from wrong. Judgement, counsellor: your hypothetical client will stand guilty as charged if he or she has not sought out, in a prudent manner, clarification on points of law. Does this then answer your questions, counsellor?

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