Your Sons Blood

Cast Number: 11

Run-time:30 min.

Bible Reference: Mark 16:15-18

Categories: Easter
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only the Son can save us. A story of a mass illness in the world. A family fights for immunization. A Doctor's son has clean blood which can be used to save these sick people, but he needs to sacrifice his son Eli.With CNN and television this drama has modern day illustrations to a problem that was addressed over 2000 years ago.
A play in one act Adapted from a short story (Author Unknown)by Andrew Herbst & George Dutch First Performed on Easter Sunday April 23, 2000 at Dominion-Chalmers United Church, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Son, Eli
CNN Anchor
Correspondents 1 & 2
Prime Minister
Public Health Official

Props & Costumes
TV Remote
Tie (2)
Coffee Mugs (2)
Lab Coat
Nurse's Cap
Face Masks (2)
SFX "Happy Days are Here Again" on piano


Father is drinking coffee while tieing tie, and helping his son, Eli, who is trying to do the same thing. MOTHER is drinking coffee, watching.

Mother (mocking):That's excellent coffee dear. I guess men are makng some progress in the kitchen.
Father:Well, I try. I hope you'll get around to changing the oil in the Volvo today?
Mother:Here's to a little healthy role reversal.
Mother and Father clink coffee mugs.
Eli:Mom, can I watch the news before I leave for school?
Mother:We've got the only 13 year old in town who watches CNN.
Eli turns off the TV with remote.
CNN:And finally, some disturbing news out of the Maharastra province in central India. Local authorities have reported that three thousand villagers have died from a mysterious flu-like disease. Preliminary tests indicate that this is NOT influenza. Local medical authorities are investigating.
Eli turns on the TV with remote.
Eli (to Father):See you after school.
Father exits.


Father enters and joins Karyn who is sitting at her computer.
Father:Hey Karyn, how's it going
Karyn:Fine. Just doing a little surfing over lunch
Father:I hear you can get the CNN feed over the net, can I try?
Karyn:Be my guest.
Father sits down and taps away.
Father:There it is!
CNN:Indian Authorities are shocked at the speed with which this mystery flu has apparently spread. We now go to our correspondent in Maharastra.
C1:Just 12 hours ago, there were just a few thousand cases. Official reports estimate about 500,000 people in this Indian province have been infected. More than 100,000 fatalities have been confirmed. However, informal reports suggest that as many as 500,000 may already be dead. Infectious disease experts from Russia, Canada, and the United States are in the air on their way to India as we speak.
Father:Wow. I hope that they can contain this thing.
Karyn:I'm going straight home to my family.
Karyn exits.


Mother and Eli doing homework. Father enters.
Father:Have you been following this thing in India.
Mother:Let's see what's happening.
Mother turns on TV with remote.
CNN:The news is not good. Barely more than 24 hours have elapsed since we reported the first fatalities in the Indian province of Maharastra. Over 3 million people in that province are now sick and more than 1 million deaths have been confirmed. And to make matters worse, the disease appears to be spreading rapidly to other nations. Health officials will not confirm this but there is every reason to believe that the rapid spread of the disease over long distances can be attributed to air travel. Needless to say, in less than 24 hours, this has become more than just India's problem, it is the world's problem. We now have a related story from our correspondent in Paris.

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