A Little Means Alot

  • Cast Number: 3
  • Run-time: 7 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Mark 12:41-44

Sacrificial giving is something that is not often taught to children. The concept of “giving all you have” is one that is lost on most adults, not to mention instructing the next generation.
giving tithing sacrificial

Sample of script:

Scene opens as Jeff is standing at center stage, calling out. Sue enters stage right.

Jeff: Marbles! Collecting marbles!

Sue: What are you doing, Jeff?

Jeff: Oh, hi, Sue. I’m collecting marbles for our group.

Sue: What group?

Jeff: Well, the Marble Collector’s Guild, of course.

Sue: Of course.

Jeff: Do you have any marbles to give?

Sue: Well, no, but I would really like to help out in some way.

Jeff: You don’t have any marbles at all?

Sue: No, sorry. But I think I can get some!

Jeff: How can you get some?

Sue: My birthday’s coming up next month and I could ask for marbles. That way, I can give them to you!

Jeff: You’d do that? You’d really give away all your birthday marbles?

Sue: Well, sure! After all, it is going to a good cause.

Jeff: A VERY good cause!

Sue: Let me see what my Mom says and I’ll let you know.

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