Countdown to CurtainUp

DramaShare’s Rehearsal Manual, a step-by-step guideline to a successful performance

Whether novice or experienced pro, Countdown to CurtainUp will help keep your performance on track.

DramaShare manuals, including Countdown to CurtainUp are supplied via the download method as it is more economical for you, is immediately available, no waiting for mail shipments, and is more easily referenced.

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Choose “Countdown to CurtainUp” for practical advice on the entire drama project, from how and where to select the script, to getting pastoral approval, budgeting, casting, assisting actors in characterization, training to make rehearsals fun, productive experiences for all, memorization, rehearsal games and how to stay on top of problems.

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There is a full section “Director’s Diary” where the director can enter important information for follow-up. The Diary also includes characterization pages for up to 10 roles, (simply print off additional characterization pages as required), allowing actor and director to work the role out together. It even includes a Self-Appraisal Form for each actor to help them grow in their ministry.

To order Countdown to CurtainUp Training Manual click below:

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